Mabeco Tours Team knows how much a trip means to our Guests. We also had the same feeling of being completely powerless and overwhelmed with a place, a sunset, a full moon, a wild animal or with a person…

The ceaseless search for what overwhelms us, created Mabeco Tours.

This Team, with their experience in Mozambique and Sub Saharan Africa, will deliver its passion and dedication to build and make your dream trip happen.

Mabeco Tours, despite of being operating since August of 2015, the official launching date, it started to be created in 2007. This was the year, the two Co-founders of the Company, were traveling for 40 days in 5 Countries of Africa. After some more years traveling, maturating, experiencing and opportunities, the road lead them to Mozambique. This unique Country immediately called their attention due to its huge potential. After some years working in Tourism business in Mozambique, they decided to create Mabeco Tours, a project that is a dream that came true to them, but most importantly, is a vehicle to make more peoples dreams come true.


After a fantastic first year, Mabeco Tours aims to grow and expand its activities, as well as their Human resources, where it will spend more time and also resources. The true value of this project it’s the Guests that choose our services and our employees that give all they can to make everything work.



In order to thrive, we will apply the same rules and ethics that we have been applying until now: swift, professional and personalized replies to our Guests; the best equipment available in the market; safety, security and attention to details.


To you, our Guest, that explores this website and chooses our experiences, Thank you / Kanimambo (Thank you in local language), because you are also part of our History.




Despite of being very problematic, we live in an Age where free access to information and knowledge is being driven by social networks and the Web. This process is a powerful tool, that, if correctly used, will give us plenty of expectations and hope for the future.

This hope can never disappear while we have some resources, knowledge and the will to improve our lives and the lives of the ones that surround us. Mabeco Tours feels responsible to use the work force, the energy and all that can be spared, so that future generations can live in a clean Planet without hunger, poverty and with better education.

This is our compromise, has citizens of Mozambique and also the World: we will clean, feed, teach and work together with the communities, so that the changing process can occur with more consistency and quickness, therefore impacting more individuals.