Great News: VISA on arrival for International visitors

The Mozambican Government announced last month, that all International visitors can issue a 30 day Visa on arrival, regardless of whether or not there is an embassy in their country of origin.

This regime is already implemented in all 44 border posts of Mozambique, covering several ways of traveling (air, road and boat, more exactly cruise ships).

These measures are excellent news for Tourism in Mozambique – this will optimize the Guests experience and it will for sure increase the number of visitors in the Country. Now it is the perfect time to visit Mozambique, a place filled with wonders.

A small note for the Easter visitors: the South African Government announced a special working regime for this busy period, extending the working hours of the following borders (opened 24 hours), Ressano Garcia with Mozambique, Beit Bridge with Zimbabwe and the Maseru Bridge between Lesotho and the Free State from April 11th to April 19th.

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