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Mabeco Tours is a small, personal and experienced operator, based in Maputo. We tailor made experiences that combine the best of Mozambique and the Southern African Countries. Start with a unique safari in Maputo Special Reserve or Kruger National Park, and finish up in one of the many crystal clear remote beaches of the Indian Ocean, such as Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique Island or Inhaca Island. The “in between’s” will be filled with exciting, adventurous and happy moments as we cruise along this exceptional part of Africa. Mabeco Tours: Exceptional Experiences.

Maputo special reserve overnight

An authentic adventure were you will feel the real african experience. A 4×4 safari destination with wild camping. We offer an amazing fully inclusive package that is comfortable for all ages.

Kruger safari open vehicle 1 day tour

If you want to quickly see a big diversity of african wildlife from Maputo this is the best option for you. Our guides will assist in every step of the way so that you take the most out of this unforgettable daytour.

Inhaca island overnight

A fantastic 1 day experience from Maputo. A day with stunning beaches, snorkelling on pristine areas and a lunch on the island that you will never forget. Come along.

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All the best photos from Mozambique.
Taken on Photographic safaris from maputo.
Gallery of photos taken during holiday packages from maputo.
Surf on the wildest places in Mozambique.
Visit stunning beaches of clear water by the Indian Ocean.

Bush & Beach 13 days

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Bush & Beach 15 days

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About Us

Meet the team

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” – Christopher McDougall

Our professional and efficient Team will tailor all your needs from booking to check out. We are very experienced in Mozambique, South African and Sub Saharan Countries. Africa is not unexpected with us: “there are no problems, but only solutions” is the mind-set that makes us different and that built our strong reputation in this market. We are fitted with comprehensive insurance coverage for our guests, excellent vehicles fitted with all the conditions and comfort, professional guides and drivers and the right posture and attitude for you to take as much as you can from your experience. We are well established in the market and only work with the ones who share our mentality and our passion. We are prepared to host large groups without loosing the personalized detailed touch we are known for. Expect courteous, well presented, polite and always on time staff through your experience with us. Day or night, 365 days a year, we will be there for you. Mabeco Tours: Exceptional Experiences.


Antonio Alverca

He was born in Lisbon Portugal, where he lived until 24 years old. He has a degree in Cinema, Video and multimedia communication, area that he worked for 2 years, especially in television, advertisement and cinema (mostly short movies). He left Portugal in 2010 and lived in the Middle East for 3 years, where he worked in an airline. He used this period to travel the World and visit rare and far away destinations. This time gave him the chance to visit more than 50 Countries of the World. He decided then, to change Country and adventure, travelling to South Africa, where he took the level 1 field guide from FGASA. He worked in Tourism, in Mozambique, has a booking manager and wildlife guide. Now, has co founder of Mabeco Tours, António aims to provide the same opportunity of adventure and personal fulfilment to his guests. He also aims to show to the World, the true Wonders of Mozambique and the Mozambicans. He loves to travel, to see wildlife documentaries, culture and learning. His Family is the most important element of its life.

Pedro Fonseca

A dreamer with no borders. He was born in Lisbon. Always had the opportunity to travel with the family to places outside Europe, especially to African countries. He is attracted, since he was little, to this place. He heard stories about the giant red sun that can only be seen in Africa. Always had attraction for natural wonders. He took a degree in biology and a master degree in adventure and nature tourism. Always betting in learning, he took a rescue diver course from PADI, a mountaineer course and a level 1 field guide from FGASA in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After he travelled almost all subsArian Africa, he ended up staying in Mozambique where he lives and is currently developing Mabeco Tours project, a project that he says that “the dreams have no borders”. Pedro is very happy, calm and he believes in work above all. He has a vocation in arts, especially music, playing guitar, dijiridoo and percussion, Family is and always be the strongest element of its life.

Mabeco History

It all started like this…

“Africa really gets you, man. Some say it is like a disease but I think it is the cure. At least for me, man” – overheard at a bar in Namibia (Fish River Canyon) in 2007. Inspired by one of their biggest adventures ever, Mabeco Tours Founders, António and Pedro, opened the Company in late 2015.

In 2007, they travelled for 40 days in 5 different African Countries. Like that man they overheard at a bar in Namibia, they also felt the mind, body and soul being cured by the wonders of this Continent. Mozambique came to be a very natural and genuine choice for them. There are fantastic places in Africa, but Mozambique is indeed one of the most beautiful, unknown and promising Countries in this part of the World. Mabeco Tours today and tomorrow…

Since then, we gave everything we had towards our guest experiences. Today, Mabeco tours came to be a company that is completely focused on the promise of delivering that same experienced we had back in 2007. We are still a small-scale company in terms of size, but we are huge in many other ways:

– We have a exceptional and fantastic team that works every day and very hard to maintain our personalised and detailed consistency;

– We are the best hosts for tailor made tours, safari and beach experiences in Mozambique and this is overwhelming but also gratifying. We will maintain this position and this is our main goal;

– Our good and reliable reputation precedes us everywhere we go. More and more people are choosing us because we are offering not just exceptional experiences but another way of looking towards the Country and the Continent itself. We can only show you, but you are the one that will decide.

– We spend a lot of resources and efforts training our Team, because they are our recipe for success;

– We continuously maintain, update and renovate our fleet and equipment in order to have the best, available at all times. We only work with those who are as good or better than us;

– We believe safety, security, well-being and happiness are paramount.

– To you, our beloved and valuable Guest, we dedicate everything we did and continue to do.

We deeply thank you for being part of the History of this Company.

Corporate and social responsibility

Since we started Mabeco Tours, we have done several commitments, partnerships and actions in core areas of Social Responsibility.


We started many years ago partnering up with Cooperativa de educação ambiental Repensar/Let’s do it Moçambique in several actions in the Country. We have been actively involved in actual cleanup operations in public spaces such as beaches, parks, reserves, cities and other areas.

The idea is to pass an educational message while doing something that will promote the well-being, health and safety of all the users of these facilities. It was overwhelming and worrying to see the state of some of these places.

We do small things that we find relevant: all plastic and glass bottles that are consumed in our Company and in our houses, are separated and delivered to one of the few programmes that processes these residues; we only buy charcoal for our camps that comes from a sustainable operation. With this we try to mitigate the huge deforestation that is being done in Mozambique, especially in the Northern areas; We clean-up the areas where we pass and camp: in the last few years we removed a few tonnes of rubbish from beautiful places.


This is probably one of the Areas that can solve all of the above, if tackled correctly. Poverty, lack of education and poor life conditions does not promote positive developments in Environmental and Conservation areas, mentioned above. Imagine that you are so poor that you cannot even guarantee a proper meal a day to your family? Would you be interested in solving the environment or conservation problems or would you choose to feed your family first? These questions put everything we know in perspective and it really makes us think that we need to effectively tackle poverty and lack of education as fast as possible, if we do want a better World.

In March 2019, Mozambique was hit by one of the worst cyclones ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. The Human and Natural disaster that occurred really damaged an already impoverished community – more than 1 million hectares of cropland were destroyed. When disaster struck this area, we at Mabeco Tours, immediately decided that we needed to do something about the future of our Planet, of our people, of our resources. We did the first active partnership with a local NGO, called Azada Verde. Like us, Azada Verde is small but very competent and effective. The best part of it all is that all the resources used by Azada Verde are directed towards the communities itself and to the projects they implement. Some of these projects are so simple but so significant:

water pump bike for sustainable development: low cost high impact ecological solutions that guarantee, just by peddling a bike, access to water for vulnerable families living in poverty;

Agricultural associations: improve production, increase income and diversify the diet of rural families. These associations empower women, who for the first time in their lives are disposing of their own income;

School food: ensures a diversified and healthy diet for more than 2.200 children in boarding schools in rural Sofala Province, ensuring food safety and healthy development;

Schools of peace: local social initiative that fulfils the human right to education, health and food for orphans and extremely vulnerable children;

Donate now:



Elephant collaring

We are the pioneers for the creation of unique and very exclusive conservation tours in Mozambique (know more here). You can be part of such important activities as most of the income of the tour goes directly to support and finance the very needed and expensive operations from all the professional teams involved. We will continue to do these conservation actions with strength, hope and focus. Despite of all the bad news regarding Conservation, we are seeing some positive developments in the areas we operate: poaching is under control, the species are reproducing at a faster rate and animals are re-populating some of the old damaged and disturbed areas. There is still a lot to do. We will continue to be as much active as possible in this matter.


Mozambique is becoming one of Southern Africa’s most exciting and unique destinations. The vast coastline offers magnificent tropical beaches that merge perfectly with the beautiful nature inland, as the conservation areas and nature reserves are starting to thrive. Above or under the Indian Ocean waters there are fantastic wonders to observe, making it a perfect destination for fishing, diving, water sports and island hoping.


The Country offers diverse and unique options for family & friends travels, romantic getaways and honeymoons and also adventure travels.

This Travel Guide was created by Mabeco Tours experienced and travelled guides. It aims to inform and pass along some of the most amazing and exclusive places to be visited in Mozambique. Mabeco Tours is eager to welcome you in this amazing destination.

Mabeco Tours: Exceptional Experiences.


The Republic of Mozambique is a Southeast African Country that is bordered by six other Countries: Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. The Mozambican channel separates the Island of Madagascar and Mozambique and its warm currents represent a very important influence in the Climate of all the area.


In order to make the navigation and orientation of this travel guide easier, we will divide the Country into 3 areas: South, Center and North.

Some of our trip advisor reviews
The company to use in Maputo
We were a bit concerned about customizing a tour for 6 over 2 days in a country with less infrastructure for tourism, but this company addressed all of our needs. We felt at ease, our requests were catered to, and the email communication was excellent. We highly recommend this company!
First Class Tours
I enjoyed two tours with Mabeco, the day tour of Maputo and then the three day trip to the Maputo Special Reserve. Antonio and his staff lived up to expectations and the organisation and execution of the trip was excellent. They are very knowledgeable and happy to share and also answer questions. Thankfully given both the terrain and also other road users, they are skilled drivers and have good attention to detail to make sure you enjoy your days in Mozambique. Do make sure you do a trip with Mabeco as I am sure you will won’t regret it.
Really enjoyed ourselves!
If you are looking for a more relaxed ‘safari’ tour this is for you. This is a wonderful two day tour through Maputo’s Special Reserve with lots of down time to relax and enjoy the beach. And what a beach!! We had a great time with Pedro and Ernesto and will do it again when family arrives for vacation.