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Keep Calm: Crossing borders in Mozambique is not that hard

Keep Calm: Stressed up about crossing borders to and from Mozambique? Don’t be.

Mabeco Tours Team is quite used to face all types of scenarios when crossing borders and we will reveal a few secrets to make this process more smooth and easy for our Guest or fellow traveler (a Keep Calm quick reference guide).

STEP 1: Organization is key

When you are planning your trip, please always contact a Mozambican/South African/Swaziland embassy or Consulate in your Country of Residence. There are many Websites and Blogs with information, but most of the times, these are out-dated or with incorrect/not accurate info.

It is very important to have your passport valid for a minimum of 6 months and also to have at least 4 to 5 empty pages for stamping purposes.

If you are bringing minors to Mozambique/South Africa/Swaziland you need to prove that you are the legal guardians/parents of the children, by presenting an original unabridged birth certificate. You can check the documents/process here:

If you are bringing a vehicle into Mozambique/South Africa/Swaziland you need to have 3rd party insurance, a temporary import permit and many other documents. Also make sure that you always bring the required safety/security items for the circulation on the roads of these Countries. Please check here:

Also, it is important to know what procedures to undergo when crossing the borders, specifically what papers the authorities will handle you and also what to fill up and so on. You can get a rough idea of the procedure here.

Always check, when traveling by road, if the border post you plan on crossing will be opened (during festive seasons there are schedules due to the high influx of people):

The key is to be organized and to make a list of what you will need for your trip, depending on the way you will enter the Country.

STEP 2: single or multiple entries VISA?

Mozambican Government just launched a new law that you can apply to a 30 day tourism visa on arrival in all of the airports, border posts and Maputo Port (even if you have an Embassy representation in your Country of origin). This is great news has it will make traveling to Mozambique a lot easier.

If you are planning to fly/drive in and out of Mozambique and other border Countries in one trip, we do recommend you to issue a multiple entries Visa in your Country of Origin, because it will be less expensive and it will make the border transition much more easier.

img credit: Mozambique for All

STEP 3: Special notes for all Nationalities

We do recommend you do bring your vaccination Bulletin (Carteira de vacinas) with all the vaccines up to date. This is mandatory for Brazilian Nationals.

We recommend all Nationalities to undertake a Tropical Disease Consultation before you come to Mozambique/South Africa/Swaziland in order to be informed by a professional about the vaccinations you need to take and also to make Malaria prevention.

STEP4:  Payment of Visa

If you are issuing a Visa in Mozambique, the payment can be made in Meticais (local currency), USD, EUR or ZAR. It is normal that once you arrive you do not have any local currency but in case you will have a chance to exchange to local currency we advise you to do so. It will be less expensive and easier. Some of the borders do not have change for payments in foreign currency and this can delay the process.

Also, always bring bills that are above the year of 2009 (especially USD) and in mint conditions because some bills will not be accepted if they have any visible damage, things written on and that are older than 2009.

STEP 5: Corruption is not an option

If you are faced with any corruption attempts, please do not engage, has it is illegal. There is a Anti-corruption hotline available where you can contact and expose the situation: 800 460 460. In this situation, be polite and calm, but also assertive. Corruption is not acceptable under any circumstance. If you made a mistake acknowledge it and ask for a receipt upon payment.

STEP 6: Go out there and live the adventure of your life.

Mabeco Tours will always provide assistance at the borders to our Guests. It is important to understand that we will assist in any possible way but that the responsibility of not complying with any requirement for your VISA issue is yours. So we do recommend you to be informed all the times and visit some of the most beautiful Countries in the World with your preferred operator: Mabeco Tours (We keep calm and you?)

Note: this information can be changed at any time without notice therefore Mabeco Tours will not liable for these events. This is an informative service to travelers and we cannot be held liable for the validity of the websites included in this post.