António Alverca – co-founder of mabeco tours & field guide


He was born in Lisbon Portugal, where he lived until 24 years old. He has a degree in Cinema, Video and multimedia communication, area that he worked for 2 years, especially in television, advertisement and cinema (mostly short movies). He left Portugal in 2010 and lived in the Middle East for 3 years, where he worked in an airline. He used this period to travel the World and visit rare and far away destinations. This time gave him the chance to visit more than 50 Countries of the World. He decided then, to change Country and adventure, travelling to South Africa, where he took the level 1 field guide from FGASA. He worked in Tourism, in Mozambique, has a booking manager and wildlife guide. Now, has co founder of Mabeco Tours, António aims to provide the same opportunity of adventure and personal fulfilment to his guests. He also aims to show to the World, the true Wonders of Mozambique and the Mozambicans. He loves to travel, to see wildlife documentaries, culture and learning. His Family is the most important element of its life.