Elephant bull in Maputo special reserve in Mozambique by Mabeco tours


Mozambique travel guide – Mozambique is becoming one of Southern Africa’s most exciting and unique destinations. Some even say that Mozambique is to become “the Maldives of Africa”.


The vast coastline offers magnificent tropical beaches that merge perfectly with the beautiful nature inland, as the conservation areas and nature reserves are starting to thrive. Above or under the Indian Ocean waters there are fantastic wonders to observe, making it a perfect destination for snorkelling, diving, fishing, water sports, island hoping, safaris, cultural tours and tailor made tours.


The Country offers diverse and unique options for family & friends travels, romantic getaways & honeymoons and also adventure travels.


Pristine beaches or turquoise waters are not the only appealing factors to visit Mozambique. From the culture, architecture and gastronomy of the capital city, Maputo, to the World Heritage Site of Mozambique Island, the wildlife of stunning reserves and parks like Maputo Special Reserve or Gorongosa National Park, and the exclusivity of the Bazaruto or Quirimbas Archipelagos. These are just some of the really good reasons to visit the Country and organize some Tours in Mozambique.


The most interesting factor about Mozambique is that, yes, there are amazing places to visit, but there is also amazing people to meet. Mozambicans are probably the most friendly and welcoming people in Southern Africa. You will find that, in spite of all the unfavourable and destructive events (like cyclone Idai in Mozambique – March 2019), the Mozambicans are always smiling, resilient and happy to receive you in their home.


In order for you to “absorb and filter” all the information of the Web and the guides, we have decided to create an easy and simple, yet effective and helpful guide about Mozambique. This will make it easier for you to understand and learn about the Country’s History and Culture as well as the best places to visit in all Provinces, when you are organizing your Tours in Mozambique.


This Mozambique travel guide was created by the Mabeco Tours experienced guides. They have a vast experience in opperating Tours in Mozambique and the neighbouring Countries. They can only hope that this compilation serves your curiosity and assists you to find the best places, experiences and memories.


From all our Team: Welcome to Mozambique.


The Republic of Mozambique is a Southeast African Country that is bordered by six other Countries: Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. The Mozambican channel separates the Island of Madagascar and Mozambique and its warm currents represent a very important influence to the Climate of all the area.


A visitor’s perception from outside of Mozambique is most of the times unfair. The Country is safe, the people are nice and there are many places to discover, from North to South, East to West.

It is an African Country, and you will most likely be in some of the major cities along your itinerary. Like any other city in the World, just make sure that you do not walk around at night in unknown or darker streets. Driving at night is NOT ADVISABLE, due to the fact that some vehicles and roads do not have lights and it is therefore dangerous, in terms of road safety.


You can either go by yourself or hire an agency like Mabeco Tours, to assemble, organize and operate your itinerary in Mozambique and other Southern African Countries. We obviously recommend you to use our professional Team and vehicles for many reasons, but one of the most important is for you to actually take the most from this beautiful Country. Do not need to stress about driving around, make bookings in hotels or activities and so on. Let us take care of all this while we host you in a superb and magnificent Country.


Mabeco Tours is the right travel agency for tours from Mozambique, tours from Maputo, safaris from Mozambique and especially, designed tailor made experiences.


In order to make the navigation of this travel guide easier, we will divide the Country into 3 areas: South, Centre and North. We will provide information about places to go, hotels and lodges, activities and places to eat, in a simple and straightforward manner.

The south

The three South provinces, Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane are the easiest and more accessible to get to, as the main roads are in good condition. Because of this, they are also the most developed regions in Tourism Industry, despite some lodges and nature reserves or parks are only accessible by 4X4 high range vehicles and also experienced drivers.


Some places are so close, but so far away because of difficult accesses. But in our opinion this is what makes the Country unique and worth visiting. The fact that you can be the only one enjoying a remote beach or a Game Reserve with a bit more than 10.000 visitors a year is a unique motivational factor to visit Mozambique.

Maputo province

The most Southern Province and Capital city of Mozambique, Maputo (formerly known as Lourenço Marques) is probably one of the most well located cities in Southern Africa. Geographically, it is very close to some of the World’s well know attractions, like the Kruger Park, in South Africa, Hlane Royal National Park, in Eswatini (Swaziland) and it is also surrounded by the beautiful Maputo Bay area, comprised by some of the most beautiful beaches, like Inhaca Island, Portuguese Island (Ilha dos Portugueses), Santa Maria (Machangulo) beach and the Maputo Special Reserve (Elephant Reserve), located just 45 min away from downtown.

Mozambique travel guide – Must go areas:

Maputo Special Reserve or Elephant Reserve (part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area);


Maputo City;


Inhaca Island , Portuguese Island and Santa Maria beach;


Ponta do Ouro;


Macaneta Peninsula;


Sabie Game Park;


Kruger National Park (South Africa);


Hlane Royal National Park (Eswatini / Swaziland).


Mozambique travel guide – HISTORY

The Maputo Special Reserve was established in the 1960’s to protect the Elephant population and other large mammal species. Unfortunately, after the Civil war in Mozambique, the Maputo Special Reserve, like many other Parks and Reserves in the Country, were devastated and animal populations reduced to almost nothing. During the 1990’s, with the raising awareness of the biodiversity importance, the Maputo Special Reserve was again expanded.


The Maputo Special Reserve was once known as the Elephant Reserve due to its enormous herds that roamed the beautiful landscapes of the area.

It was in the 2000’s that the infrastructure was built in order to accommodate all the human resources that would be needed for the maintenance and security of the Reserve. The first community plans and projects were designed and developed, as well as the first plans for tourism concessions and projects.


In 2009 the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve was proclaimed. All the area stretching from the South’s Ponta do Ouro to the North Santa Maria, Inhaca and the Portuguese Islands became part of this project that aims on the conservation of all the marine ecosystem, with a very strong and relevant emphasis on the turtles (leather-head and logger-head) protection and monitoring.


In 2010 the wildlife translocation in the Maputo Special Reserve started and a whopping 1000 animals were introduced and even re-introduced in the area. PPF (Peace Parks Foundation) has a big role in these developments. They have been working for years in order to have a future reserve with a balanced number of animals.


In 2011 the Futi Corridor, a very important Eco-corridor that extends from the Maputo Special Reserve to Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa, was added to the proclaimed areas of the Reserve. This was a major step for the protection of the coastal Elephant herds in Southern Africa.


Today, the Maputo Special Reserve has a total area of 1040 km2 and since 2011, with the amazing and restless effort of many workers, experts, foundations and associations, this place got a new hope: that the future of the “Maputo Elephant Reserve” may be thriving and successful – since 2011 not a single elephant was lost to any form of poaching.

Mozambique travel guide – WHAT TO EXPECT?

The wildlife populations at Maputo Special Reserve have been increasing in the past year. In fact, only a few years of coordinated efforts in conservation are transforming this beautiful place.

It is now quite normal to see big herds of animals roaming around its enormous open plains and between the dense forest areas.


Very often you will find small to big sized Elephant herds in the open areas or in the tall reeds. Journeys of Giraffes are increasing, and they will provide an authentic “show”, allowing you to approach them and understand that curiosity is not exclusive of Humans. Zebra, Buffalo, Eland, Oribi, Jackals, Blue Wildebeest, Reedbuck, Impala, Grey Duiker, Red Duiker, Bushbuck, Kudu, Nyala, Steenbok, Hippo, Crocodile, Warthog, Bushpig, Vervet Monkey and an astonishing 350 bird species are all inhabitants of the Maputo Special Reserve.


There is no other way to visit Maputo Special Reserve but with a proper 4X4 vehicle, due to its sandy tracks and steep slopes that are most of the time challenging and thrilling. The “Elephant Reserve” provides you with a unique sense of wilderness that you cannot get anywhere else in the Region. It is a true stimulus to your senses. You will never forget the feeling of being the only one camping in an area that is frequently stage of a true “wildlife opera”, where all the sounds of the wild blend and synchronize in a perfect and harmonic composition. A true “soundtrack”, that will accompany the magnificent settings of our camping area – Mabeco Camp. This camp is used for our overnight guests and it is filled with simple but classy and surprising details that will make your wildlife camping experience simply unforgettable.

Special Seasons?

From the costal part of the Reserve, in November – December you can watch turtle nesting; January-February is the time of the turtle hatchings.


In July-September you can observe the humpback whales from the coast, as it is their migratory season.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Camp Mabeco: Our mobile camp is assembled and disassembled every time we have a group going for Maputo Special Reserve overnight experiences. With this, we guarantee minimum impact in the dune systems or in the bush areas while ensuring maximum quality of our equipment, as it will endure minimum exposure to the elements. It is a great logistic effort, but it is an even greater experience. You will be able to sleep in comfortable and aired dome tents (with the fresh Indian Ocean breeze), equipped with beds and hand-made linen, sleeping bags and pillows. A Chef on spot will prepare you lovely and tasty meals that you will enjoy in a comfortable dining room. Outside shower and a private washroom/toilet with a view will increase the level of comfort and experience.

Anvil Bay:

On the North boundaries of the Maputo Special Reserve lies Ponta Chemucane, a paradise slowly carved by nature. Experience a true natural area that few had the privilege to know – up until now. Anvil Bay is a private and exclusive barefoot beach camp (awarded and member of Classic Safari Africa) on a rare untouched stretch of coastal wilderness in Mozambique’s most southern national park. This concept is due to the fact that all the canvas Bedouin style shelters are not permanent, as they can be disassembled at any moment, leaving no single trace behind. The carefully selected location of each of the 9 Casinhas depended on the way nature designed this location. The units where built in natural open areas, with local materials and craftsmanship, inflicting minimum damage to the existing vegetation. The result is amazing and the true contact with the wild and unique surroundings is going to leave you breathless.
Escape to a world of simple pleasures and lifetime memories. Sunrises over the ocean and sunsets across the Parks pristine lakes and vast savannas. Evenings under the stars around a campfire. Miles of untouched beaches and an ocean teeming with marine life to explore.
Anvil Bay is a dream destination for nature lovers in search of the perfect get away and offering an unforgettable wilderness beach experience.

Milibangalala Cabins by Montebelo group: Opening Soon.

maputo city

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique. It is the financial, commercial and corporate centre of the Country and it is located in the eastern side of the beautiful Maputo bay.

It is ideally situated (geographically), allowing spectacular tours from Maputo, safaris from Maputo and tailor made tours from Maputo.

Mozambique travel guide – HISTORY

It was founded has Lourenço Marques in 1782. In 1876 it was proclaimed has village and in 1887 has a city by the King of Portugal. In February 3rd, 1976, after the Independence of Mozambique from the colonial rule of Portugal, the President Samora Machel changed the name to Maputo – name of the river Maputo that marks the border between Mozambique and South Africa. This change gave birth to one of the most pronounced phrases during the Independence period: “from Rovuma to Maputo”, being Rovuma the river that marks the border between Mozambique and Tanzania. A Country united by two rivers, from North to South.

The Portuguese colonial rule

Lourenço Marques was a Portuguese explorer that arrived in Maputo in 1544. The native population destroyed most of the settlements and a fortress construction was finalised in 1787.


The Portuguese Empire wanted to settle in the territory due to the constant growth of the Transvaal importance. In 1898, one year after being proclaimed has a city, Lourenço Marques was declared Mozambique capital city, replacing Mozambique Island.


In the beginning of the 20th century the city was an important and developed centre for the Country economy. A developed port and railroad were some important structures that sustained the growing population.


An extensive network of primary and secondary schools was built, along with the first university in 1962. During this year the Mozambique Liberation Front – FRELIMO, was created in Tanzania. Eduardo Mondlane, the leader of this front fought the Portuguese colonial rule for more than 10 years, and finally Mozambique gained Independence in 1974, the year when the dictatorship in Portugal, known has – Estado Novo, ended and all the former colonies of the Portuguese Empire where declared Independent.

The civil war

1974 – The Lusaka agreement was signed and Mozambique was declared an Independent Popular Republic in June 25th of 1975.

From 1977 to 1992, Mozambique was submerged in a violent civil war and the city, as well as the Country, was broken and bankrupt.


The peace agreement was signed in 1992 and Mozambique was again a united Country.

The future

Maputo is now a changing city. Several investments are being made in infrastructure and services and the result is the renovation of the skyline, where the old and modern are blending in a unique way.

One of the most interesting factors of this city is the Cultural Heritage and movements. Architecture gems are all over the city, the Music and Dance are a very important way of expression for the Mozambican people, and in Maputo you will find many places where you can feel this component. Sculpture, painting and handcraft is all over the city, but the tastiest part of Maputo is definitely the fusion of centuries of Culinary influences and the goods brought from other Cultures. The food is the best way to experience Maputo – from the famous seafood to its perfect Piri Piri Chicken or the Zambezi Chicken, the Matapa and many other dishes are a threat to your senses. Hundreds of Restaurants have flooded Maputo and there are many options for you.

areas of interest

Maputo city has many places to visit, has it holds plenty of Museums, such has the Natural History Museum, The Museum of National Art, The Fisheries Museum, The Coin Museum or the Museum of the Revolution;

Many Architectural Landmarks can also be visited in the city, such has the Maputo Railway Station, The Iron House, The Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, the Maputo Fortress, The Maputo Central Market or the famous Church of Saint Antony of Polana, also known has “Lemon squeezer”;

Several gardens and open areas are also perfect for a nice stroll or some sports activities, like the recently renewed Tunduro Botanical Gardens, The Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden, The Professors Garden, The Boyfriends Garden or the whole stretch of a brand new marginal that will take you from downtown Maputo all the way to Costa do Sol area;

Maputo city also offers some very interesting places for Culture, where Art Expos and Talks are frequently organized, such has the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, The Fernando Leite Couto Foundation, Núcleo de Arte or the Portuguese Cultural Centre.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Maputo city has expanded its room occupation capacity considerably in these last few years. Many Hotels went through major renovations and more modern, service oriented units, are now available. There are many options and, depending on your budget, we will book you the perfect accommodation.

Polana Serena Hotel: With its beautiful, palm-fringed Indian Ocean coastline, vibrant mix of cultures and grand colonial architecture, Mozambique offers abundant opportunities for adventure, experience and discovery. In the heart of all this splendour, the historic Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo has upheld a rich tradition of hospitality since 1922. A distinctive fusion of classical French cuisine with Mozambican ingredients. Enjoy dinner in the elegant dining room, alfresco terrace seating with a view of Maputo Bay or open-air tables in the Rose Garden.

Southern Sun Maputo: A reputation for service excellence in the only on-the-beach hotel in the city, with grand surroundings of mosaicked floors and vaulted wooden ceilings inspired by Maputo’s architectural past complemented by familiar and welcoming homely comforts like free-and-fast Wi-Fi and big beds with ocean views. Our Maputo hotel’s standard-setting amenities invites relaxing and recharging, escaping and exploring or business-as-usual.

Accommodation at Southern Sun Maputo offers guests a choice of 269 rooms and suites where every accommodation option creates a space for productivity or doing-nothing. Comfy beds, climate control, free WiFi, 24-hour room service and concierge attention come as standard while suite upgrades include extras like Nespresso machines, ocean-view balconies and private lounges.

From café-casual business meetings to high-level boardroom-briefings, Southern Sun Maputo is the setting for deal making and business creating in the city. Four adaptable conference spaces, a private dining room, an exclusive bar, and even a 200-year old fig tree hidden in a quiet beachfront courtyard allow us to host Maputo events that are discreet or celebratory.

Dining at Southern Sun Maputo is a celebration of Mozambique’s cuisine culture with a menu of tender pichana and king prawns, homemade peri- peri and freshly baked pasteis de nata, as well as pizzas wood fired, mojitos muddled with homegrown mint and burgers gourmet-style. Deco’s Bar & Terrace encourages lounge-relaxing and sundowner appreciating while Evolve restaurant changes with the mood to suit the menu.

Beach and Indian Ocean views are framed by tall palms and green lawns, best enjoyed from the outside sundeck and infinity pool. The hotel’s location on the Avenida da Marginal means airport arrivals take as little as 20-minutes, giving you more time for island-and-beach day trips, getting down to business or exploring the markets and magic of Maputo.

With a pristine location on the prominent beachside avenue running along the Maputo seafront, the Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence boasts scenic views of the Indian Ocean. Less than 10 km from Maputo city centre and Maputo International Airport (MPM), our Mozambique hotel is also near business hotspots such as the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre. Each of the 256 modern hotel rooms comes with individual climate control and free high-speed Wi-Fi. In rooms facing Maputo’s beach, you can enjoy expansive views of the Indian Ocean from your balcony or terrace. The on-site restaurant, Filini, serves classic Italian dishes complemented by a wide selection of top-quality wines. Enjoy after-dinner drinks or have a casual business meeting with clients in one of the hotel’s 3 bars. The outdoor pool bar is the perfect place to enjoy handcrafted cocktails while soaking up the sun or enjoying some stargazing at night. Stay in shape at the complimentary fitness centre or relax by the swimming pool—the choice is yours.

Avenida Hotel: The Hotel Avenida is one of the most renowned hotels in Maputo, both for its quality and for the range of services it offers.
With recently refurbished rooms and a restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and new leisure areas, the Hotel Avenida offers guests in the city of Maputo a break from the daily routine in elegant and comfortable surroundings.

Hotel Avenida has been carefully designed for guests traveling for business, and offers all the services necessary to ensure a memorable stay. It is one of the most renowned corporate hotels in Maputo, offering its guests exclusiveness as well as a prime location in the heart of the capital.

5-star Avenida Hotel opens its doors to Maputo: a beautiful, cosmopolitan city.

Located in one of the main avenues of the capital, Hotel Avenida surprises its guests with its memorable location in the heart of the city. This 5-star hotel also offers superb views of the city’s wide avenues alongside with the magnificent coast of the Indian Ocean.

All details have been designed taking the business successfulness of its guests into account. The dedicated rooms for meetings and events are prepared with all the necessary support including wifi, to ensure the service excellence. It consists of 9 meeting rooms with different capacities and equipped with the latest high-technology and a simultaneously offering a translation office (Room Maputo).

This 5-star hotel ensures the best quality of services for a great experience may it be for business or leisure.

The rooms are all spacious giving comfort and rest as a top priority.

Hotel Avenida restaurants are exclusive, featuring excellent local and international cuisines, and where elegance invites you to taste the moment with serenity.

The Piano Hotel Bar combines a social and relaxing environment to the sound of the piano. If you prefer to be outside, you can enjoy a light meal on the Avenida Terrace, or on the Páteo Avenida, an oasis in the heart of Maputo. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the city and the sea from the terrace by the pool, which offers unique, refreshing moments.

Forget about work-related stress and invest in a body-mind harmony at the Health Club, fully equipped and open 24 hours. Enjoy your stay at the hotel Spa, providing a broad portfolio of massages as well as revitalising treatments.

Cardoso Hotel: The Cardoso hotel sits in the leafy Museum neighbourhood of Maputo, Mozambique. It is only 5km from the Maputo International Airport and offers a perfect oasis for both business and leisure. Commandant Cardoso –Captain of the Lourenço Marques port, chose this vantage point, a wonderful site with stunning views across the bustling city of Maputo and bay below, to build his house.

Montebelo Indy Congress Hotel & Spa: Montebelo Indy Maputo Congress Hotel, one of the most important references in Maputo regarding the hotel sector.

Located in one of the best areas of Maputo – the Sommerschield neighbourhood – it is close to the city centre and 10 minutes from Maputo International Airport.

Covering an area of over 7 hectares, it has a unique offer that includes 55 one, two, and three bedroom villas, and 72 rooms.

Whether for leisure or business stays or for any type of event, the experienced team of Montebelo Indy Maputo Congress Hotel is an asset to the success of your stay and your event.

Montebelo Girassol Hotel: Montebelo Girassol Maputo Hotel, located in central Maputo, a few steps from the Natural History Museum and 6 km from the International Airport, is one of the most comfortable and modern 4 star hotel in the city. Recently renovated, is one of the best options for business and leisure trips.
Overlooking the sea, it has now at your disposal 65 rooms and suites; a bar and a restaurant with a terrace where you can taste the best of traditional Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine; a fully equipped fitness area; 3 conference rooms; a private room for all kinds of events, a swimming pool and a garden area where you can relax and enjoy the stunning landscape.

Tivoli Hotel: This 3-stars hotel is located a few steps away from the most acclaimed touristic places of the Mozambican capital and brings in the warm colours of this city zone to itself.

Its practical environment is a reflection of the warm and minimalist decoration, which is perfect for business traveller guests. In particular, common areas offer modern and functional details designed for business meetings and events.

At the Hotel Tivoli Maputo, guests have more than 200m2 of multifunction rooms, specially planned for meetings and events with different capacities and fully equipped with technology. Being the scene of distinct national and international events in areas like industry, construction and health, this hotel provides a complete set of corporate services to its guests, where nothing will miss on the support to the business success.

The Hotel Tivoli Maputo includes 88 rooms with a modern, creative e minimalist environment aligned with the cosmopolitan and vibrant profile of this African city. Practical details make the difference in a place where resting and relaxing are the main concern of the most demanding guests.

Enjoy the business stay in Maputo, one of the most acclaimed African capitals and taste the best local and international treats, carefully prepared at the restaurant, which serves breakfasts, buffets, business meals and banquets.

The Hotel also invites to relax and socialize in the stylish and exclusive environment of the bar, where it is possible to delight a delicious cocktail or a wide selection of tastes.

Recover the mind-body balance in the Hotel Tivoli Maputo Gym, opened 24 hours every day of the week where the access is totally free for hotel guests.

Pestana Rovuma Hotel: The Pestana Rovuma is a 4-star hotel in the city of Maputo, Mozambique. It is located in the centre of downtown, next to the Cathedral and City Hall.The Tunduru botanical gardens are only 400 metres away. It is the ideal location for discovering the capital of Mozambique.

The Hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, gym, business centre, a restaurant and a bar. It offers a car park and conference rooms. In addition, it has a small shopping area at the entrance to the hotel. The rooms offer enviable views of the city and Maputo Bay and a large number of the rooms have balconies and free Wi-Fi.

At the 24-hour reception you can get information about tourist outings, whether they be city tours, excursions to the Island of Inhaca, to Kruger Park or to the city’s museums and monuments.

The Restaurante Monomotapa features privileged views of the Catedral da Sé and of the swimming pool deck. It offers buffet or à-la-carte service, predominantly serving Mozambican, Portuguese and international cuisine. Discover the Snack & Cocktail Bar complete with a lounge, with an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere for relaxing, ideal for lighter meals.

If you intend to have a meeting, the rooms offer a comfortable and professional environment with a total area of 460 m², divided into three connecting rooms.
Maputo International Airport is 7 km from the hotel. The Pestana Rovuma is a City Centre & Conference Hotel with 119 rooms.

VIP Grand Maputo: is a 5 star hotel conveniently located in the Bay of Maputo, in Avenida 25 de Setembro, one of the most prestigious commercial areas. It has 196 rooms, including 6 suites, and it is at a 15 minute distance of Maputo International Airport.

Meliá Maputo Sky Hotel: The Meliá Maputo Sky Hotel is located in Maputo’s financial business center, a 10km drive from Maputo International Airport. Be surprised by the magnificent views of Maputo Bay. Suitable for both business and leisure travellers. Maputo is a port city on the Indian Ocean with Portuguese colonial architecture to be discovered the downtown area of the city and its many historical sites.

Afrin Hotel: Afrin Hotel offers a high quality service and comfort in a competitive and differentiating environment. It presents different concepts, targeting all market segments of Corporate, Leisure, Gastronomic, Health and Welfare. The hotel offers 99 rooms in 6 floors.

Hotel Stay Easy: StayEasy Maputo is the budget hotel choice for business and family travellers alike.The 125 en-suite rooms are uncluttered with simple lines, and come standard with a host of amenities, including complimentary WiFi, electronic safes, hairdryers, tea and coffee and a wake-up call facility.

Terminus Hotel: Located in the heart of Mozambique, in Maputo, the Terminus is a hotel with a high level of excellence and quality. This hotel will be a landmark for all guests. It provides a complete offering through the international restaurant, bar service, pool, meeting and conference rooms, gym and internet. All to serve the guest in the best possible way.

Villa das Arábias Hotel: Villa das Arábias is a Boutique Hotel oriented towards people who enjoy modern but yet charming environments. The Hotel presents an Arabic decoration that provides a trendy touch and at the same time relates to the strong arab influences that Mozambique has experienced centuries ago. Villa das Arábias Boutique Hotel is located in Maputo’s upmarket Polana area. This Arabic-themed property offers a terrace with outdoor pool and sun beds. Polana Shopping Centre is within 10 minutes’ walk. Rooms at Villa das Arábias are equipped with air conditioning, a TV and a safety deposit box. Some of the rooms are facing the pool. Free WiFi access is available.

Villa das Mangas Hotel: Offering a year-round outdoor pool and views of the garden, Villa das Mangas Garden Hotel is set in Maputo. Free WiFi is featured throughout the property and free private parking is available on site.

All rooms feature a private bathroom with free toiletries and a bath or shower. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some rooms offer garden views.

Guests at Villas das Mangas can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, and there is a communal lounge area.

Liv Inn Guesthouse: The Guesthouse Liv’ Inn combines the best of two worlds: the proximity to the beach and city, with excellent access roads, the tranquillity and exclusivity of a space with a cosy and reserved atmosphere, combining traditional architecture with contemporary elements, finds a modern and exclusive space, for those who are connected to the world without renouncing the local culture.

Focused on personalized customer service, the Guesthouse provides a relaxing and comfortable space, ideal for all kinds of stays, especially medium and long-term, in the city of Maputo.

Sommerschield Guesthouse: Sommerschield Guest House & Restaurant was born thinking about all the people who enjoy visiting one city and live a genuine experience of the local life and culture, without losing certain comforts and benefiting from a personalized atmosphere. Maputo has many secrets and the Sommerschield Guest House and Restaurant is one of them. Entering through a simple normal door in what it looks like another ordinary house, you will find this jewel ideally located in the Sommerschield neighbourhood district, one of most charming and beautiful of Maputo. When inside you will see that everything was created with great effort, imagination and full dedication.

Fig Tree Guesthouse: The guesthouse provides five en-suite spacious rooms and the the front desk is at hand 24 hours a day.

Guesthouse 1109: With an outdoor pool and a garden, GuestHouse 1109 is located in the centre of Maputo, 20 minutes’ walk from the beach. It offers en suite accommodation and free WiFi throughout.

The rooms at GuestHouse 1109 feature a flat-screen TV, a desk and tea/coffee making facilities. Each room has an en suite bathroom with free toiletries.

Guests can prepare meals in the communal kitchen, and unwind in the shared lounge. Other facilities offered at the property include ironing and laundry service and 24-hour front desk.

Palmeiras Guest House: Located just 10 minutes from the Maputo Waterfront, Palmeiras Guest House Maputo offers free WiFi and free private parking on site.

Each room at Palmeiras Guest House Maputo is air-conditioned, and features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Tea-and-coffee-making facilities are available. The bathroom is equipped with a shower and free toiletries are provided for your convenience.

Enjoy a freshly prepared continental breakfast at Palmeiras Guest House Maputo, including seasonal fruits, yogurts, cereals, cold meats and cheeses and a variety of breads and pastries. Or unwind with a drink from the honesty bar at the end of the day.

Guests can relax on the terrace or in the shared lounge area. Laundry services are also available at a surcharge.

Maputo International Airport is 7 km away from Palmeiras Guest House Maputo.

Duqueza de Connaught Guest House: Situated in Maputo, 200 m from Polana shopping centre, Duqueza de Connaught Guesthouse features accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a shared lounge and a garden. Boasting barbecue facilities, the guest house is close to several noted attractions, around 800 m from Museum of Natural History and around 1.1 km from Maputo International School. The accommodation offers a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, a tour desk and free WiFi throughout the property.

At the guest house, each room is fitted with a wardrobe. At Duqueza de Connaught Guesthouse rooms are fitted with a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

The accommodation offers a continental or buffet breakfast.

Kakau Guest House: Located close to a beautiful garden with some restaurants, kakau guesthouse describes themselves as a boutique ethnic – chic hotel in the one of the most prestigious areas of Maputo.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO EAT?

Maputo city offers an extraordinary number of Restaurants, filled with new flavours and tastes from all over the World. But perhaps the best way to start is to actually try some of the local flavours: you will be very surprised with the Mozambican Cuisine, a divine blend of African, Portuguese, Arabian and also Indian influences, mixed together with one of the fresh local beers (2M, Txilar, Dourada, Manica or Impala).

Mabeco Tours is a true connoisseur of the best places to eat and we can easily organize group lunches, dinners and also last-minute reservations for some of our city tours in Maputo that includes lunch.

Dhow Mozambique

A Nossa Taska


Txhapo Txhapo

O Farol

Campo Di Mare

Manjar dos Deuses



Mar na Brasa

Piri Piri

Costa do Sol

Wine Lovers

Inhaca Island, Portuguese Island and Santa Maria beach

Inhaca Island, a 52 km2 extension of land is located East of Maputo. In its dune forest lays a very unique ecosystem with dozens of species of sub-tropical vegetation and a very important concentration of mangrove in Saco da Inhaca.

Excellent for fishing, diving, snorkelling and long walks, this island has a considerable amount of coral species that will provide you with sensational experiences underwater. The ocean currents and the submerged aquatic vegetation bring a good amount of food and the protection and safety of the bays allows a range of several fish species to wonder in these waters. Species like King Mackrel (Peixe Serra in Portuguese), Potato Bass, Barracuda, Goliath Grouper, Scorpionfish, Butterflyfish, Pufferfish, Moray, Blue Marlin, African Pompano, Yellow Fin Tuna, sailfish, black marlin, striped marlin and much more, are very frequent in the area and very common to the activity of fishing.

Inhaca Island is a very peaceful and quiet place, ideal for resting but also bird observation, with a stunning bird list of 300 species.


From October to December, large numbers of Humpback Whales pass along the coast of Mozambique, including Inhaca Island, which is en-route in their migratory patterns, making the perfect recipe for whale watching. It is very common to see some water spraying from the coast due to their proximity. But for a closer look on these fantastic creatures, getting a boat from Maputo or Inhaca Island is the perfect option. It is quite a show and the sightings are surprisingly very common, including the observation of dolphins, turtles and many species of sea birds.

You can also enhance a bit of knowledge of Marine life, by visiting the Inhaca Island Maritime Biology Station, where you will find a museum, libraries and laboratories.


Just in front of Inhaca Island lays the Portuguese Island, a very important commercial trade post in the old days, now transformed in a desert island where only the ones that come by boat can enjoy the “ideal loneliness”. The shifting sand banks and the impact of hurricanes changed the shape and formation of this Island.


Santa Maria beach is also a very interesting beach that offers quite a lot of accommodation options. It is very required by beach goers, sports fishing fanatics and leisure tourists.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Machangulo Beach Lodge (Santa Maria): Situated in a truly unique location on a beautiful secluded peninsula it is the easiest accessible lodge in Mozambique with a plethora of activities for the whole family. Featuring 9 Ocean View Rooms, a fully equipped activity centre and plenty of amazing spots to enjoy the unique views of the Indian Ocean and Inhaca Island. Awesome Private Villas right on the beach and surrounded by 5 marine and nature reserves, this is a unique AFRICAN beach paradise.

Nahyeeni Lodge (Inhaca): Nestled on a hilltop and set within serene, indigenous gardens affording breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Maputo and Ilha dos Portugueses, Nahyeeni Lodge on Inhaca Island in Mozambique is located within its own exclusive grounds overlooking the Indian Ocean and is the perfect place to relax and unwind in complete privacy, whilst still offering a tropical Island adventure with a wealth of breathtaking beaches, coral reefs and exotic marine life.

Nahyeeni Lodge offers either Self-Catering or Full Board options with the ability to accommodate groups from 4 up to 22 people.  The packages can be tailored to meet your every requirement including conferences, weddings and pre-booked spa treatments.

Manico Camp (Inhaca): Manico Camp is 30 km from Maputo. Once you have arrived on this beautiful island you will be collected by the guest manager, in the unique little blue van that cannot be missed, and take a short 1 km drive to the quirky Manico Camp. The Camp is 10 m from the water’s edge, you wake to the smell of the sea breeze each morning and walk along the sandy paths to your cosy little rustic cabin.

Whether you are there to relax or explore, the camp provides for all holiday dwellers. If you are wanting to rejuvenate, then relax under the thatch umbrellas with your book and have a refreshing RnR while you soak up the sun. If you are the adventurous type take a trip on kayaks in the mangroves or snorkel with a variety of spectacular fish. Experience the island by taking a trip into the village and explore the village market, have a walk through the forgotten hotel and taste the delicious crab curry at Erica’s Place. The island is your oyster to explore!

Manico Camp has a communal kitchen, which is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances and utensils. Thre is also a restaurant available, for those that wish to get away from the everyday hassle of cooking. The Camp features a jolly little bar with a seating area attached that will make you feel like you are right on the beach. There is a fire pit that provides a social come together point for those that wish to sit around the fire and hear some amazing tales from people that have come from all different walks of life. The communal bathroom comprises toilets, showers and basins. Manico offers 7 brick cabins, 2 family bush cabins, 7 bush cabins and 3 deluxe bush cabins which are simple and unique in their own way.

Nhonguane Lodge (Santa Maria): Nhonguane Lodge is a self-catering lodge situated right next to Santa Maria beach. Six houses can receive couples or large groups/families as they offer different typologies. Three large safari tents can be also used for a maximum of 4 persons. A small very local restaurant is located nearby the lodge.

Nhoxani Lodge – Casa Karibu (Santa Maria): Situated opposite Inhaca Island and facing west, it is sheltered from the north easterly and south easterly winds. The calm water of the bay offers superb mooring facilities for a boat directly in front of sites.

There are six houses built in the front row, with two more coastal sites provided for. The water frontage consists of approximately 430m of indigenous coastal forest and bush, which has been preserved by the founders of the concession. In addition to the front row of houses, there is room for an additional row of houses, placed discretely at generous intervals in the forest, each with spectacular views of the bay and Inhaca Island. Nhoxani Lodge only rents out the villas and not individual rooms.

Cabo Beach Villas (Santa Maria): Located in Santa Maria, Cabo Beach Villas provides free WiFi, and guests can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, a bar and a shared lounge.

Each unit is fitted with air conditioning, private bathroom and a kitchenette including a microwave, fridge, oven and a stovetop. There is a seating and a dining area in all units.

Vista Abril (Santa Maria – Ponta Abril): This newly completed 4 bedroom eco property is located within the exclusive and private Machangulo Nature Reserve. The home is nestled in pristine dune forest looking out over a naturally protected Indian Ocean bay and has a contemporary design finished with natural textures. The property is comprised of two buildings, the main building and the beach house.

The main ‘hub’ building has spectacular views throughout, includes two en-suite bedrooms, the kitchen and a lounge and dining area. The pool deck across the front of the building is the perfect place to take advantage of the amazing wind protection that the property enjoys. A walkway leading down towards the turtle nesting beach reveals the beach-house.

The beach house is nestled in the dune forest with two bedrooms and bathrooms, perfect for sleeping to the sound of the ocean.

The property has two full time staff to help with breakfast and handling cleaning, tidying and laundry and a night guard for peace of mind.

Low tide reveals a 60 meter long tidal pool in front of the villa that is ideal for calm water swimming, snorkelling and for children to paddle.

Key features: Self-catering; 2 full time staff; infinity pool.


Ponta do Ouro is a Mozambican small coastal town that is very close to South Africa border. To the South African Tourists, this is a preferred location for Holidays and School breaks. The magnificent beaches and good accommodation choices, along with food and several facilities such has ATM machine, petrol station and several markets, make this a place where you can just relax and leave your concerns behind.


From South Africa – Kosi Bay border, Ponta do Ouro is very close. From Maputo is around 120 Kms on a brand new tar road and bridge, the Maputo – Katembe bridge. This suspension bridge is the largest in Africa and connects the North and South banks in a very effective and comfortable way.


Ponta do Ouro is a fantastic place for diving and surfing.


Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli are 2 other areas, close to Ponta do Ouro that have quite a lot to offer, being Ponta Malongane a bit more relaxed and less busy and Ponta Mamoli a very high end luxury lodge.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Gala Gala Eco Resort (Ponta do Ouro): Nestled in a picturesque indigenous bush just south of Ponta do Ouro, Gala-Gala Eco Resort offers the space and scenery for those who want a tranquil and relaxing holiday. The resort boasts deluxe cabanas for the more discerning visitors, highly popular standard reed cabanas for families or groups and spacious private campsites. Gala-Gala Eco Resort offers a unique holiday experience in Ponta do Ouro, tough to match according to many loyal returning visitors.

Gala-Gala Eco Resort is an owner managed operation, ensuring personal attention and service. The resort’s many alluring features include a stunning Moroccan style boma/braai area with a splash pool, a cosy, rustic bar and the Blue Zebra café for resident guests to enjoy delicious and interesting food. It boasts a quiet sandy beach just a few minutes walk from the resort as well as amazing butterflies, bird life and pristine amenities. Ponta do Ouro bay is very fortunate to have regular visits from dolphins and seasonal humpback whales which can all be experienced through the onsite scuba diving operator, Blowing Bubbles. Dolphin swims, snorkelling excursions and deep sea fishing can also be arranged at the resort.

Sky Island Resort (Ponta Malongane): Welcome to Sky Island Resort – A place where heaven meets earth!  The resort is situated at the very top of the Ponta Malongane point and the views are simply spectacular! There is free Wi-Fi and all the accommodations include breakfast.

The Meadow Chalets are lovely single room units which have just recently been built and furnished with luxury beds and linen for a very comfortable stay. (It can accommodate up to 3 adults since there is a single sleeper-couch in the room). The chalets are equipped with neat kitchenettes including all the basic equipment you will need (fridge, stove, microwave, etc), but if you do not feel like cooking there is also a fantastic restaurant onsite.

If you love the outdoors and are feeling a little more adventurous, but camping is not really your favourite thing to do, then maybe glamping it up in the Sky View Luxury Tents will suit you! Placed right on the edge of the mountain, nestled away in the forest, you will find the Sky View Luxury Tented Camp. Each tent is fitted with a king size bed (or 2 singles) with white linen and each morning you are greeted with the most breathtaking view! Each camping site comes with its own private space which includes a private ablution.

Nkumbe bush retreat family house (Ponta Malongane): Please note that a 4×4 vehicle is recommended in this area.

Nkumbe Bush Retreat is a 5-bedroom holiday home in Ponta Malongane. Surrounded by nature, the home offers a furnished deck with plunge pool.

The holiday home has an open plan lounge area with a fully equipped kitchen and a dining table. There are 2 bathrooms.

Nkumbe Bush Retreat offers barbecue facilities.

Kangela Estate (Ponta Malongane): Kangela Estate is situated just North of the Malongane point half hour (16 km) sand road drive by 4X4 from the Kosi Bay border. The estate shares the entrance with Tartaruga Maritima which has 8 en suite tents in the forest just behind the primary dunes. All houses at Kangela Estate have their own parking and are situated close to the beautiful uninterrupted Ponta Malongane beach.

Mar Azul Estate(Ponta Malongane): Mar Azul Estate in Ponta Malongane is a beautiful beach housing estate comprising of 26 privately owned self-catering houses. Its situated on the Northern side of Ponta Malongane and is around a 3-minute drive from the popular Sunset Shack restaurant in Ponta Malongane village. The estate is a 15-minute drive from Ponta do Ouro.
At Mar Azul Estate there are 3 rows of houses namely the beachfront row of houses, second row up from the beach and a third row up from the beach. Some of the houses have their own private beach walkways that lead directly onto the beach and others make use of the communal wooden walkway that leads onto the beach. All houses are serviced daily.

The house furthest from the beach is around a 5-minute walk, so all houses are walking distance to the beach. The estate not situated very high up, so the walk to the beach is a gradual and easy walk, NOT a lot of steps or a dune to walk down.

Golden beach village (Ponta Malongane): Located in Ponta do Ouro, 5 km from Ponta Do Ouro Shopping Centre, Golden Beach Village provides accommodation with a bar, free private parking, a shared lounge and barbecue facilities. The property is situated 1 km from Signal Hill 4WD playground, 2.2 km from Viewpoint and 2.6 km from Parque de Malongane Reception. The rooms are equipped with a patio.

At the resort every room is equipped with air conditioning, a seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a kitchen, a dining area and a private bathroom with a shower. All units will provide guests with a wardrobe and a kettle.

Golden Beach Village offers a sun terrace.

White Pearl Resort (Ponta Mamoli): Located in Ponta Mamoli, one of the most exclusive and untouched places in the Southern Area of Maputo, White Pearl Resorts offers an exquisite all-inclusive experience in its 21 luxurious suites, specially designed to incorporate this structure in its natural surroundings.

A pristine and paradise like 2 km beach stretch will allow you to taste a “small piece” of the more than 2500 Kms of natural beaches of the coastline of Mozambique.

Located very close to one of the most unknown and unique Reserves in Mozambique and also the World, the Maputo Special Reserve, the area that engulfs the White Pearl Resorts is a perfect sample of different ecosystems. The Indian Ocean typical beaches with giant dunes covered with vegetation provides a natural palette of colors and enhances smells and sounds from the hundreds of bird species (see bird species list here) that inhabit these areas.

Marine life is a very important factor at White Pearl. It is a privilege to witness and be part some of the most beautiful and unique happenings in this ecosystem.

You can have access to the most exclusive activities such has diving experiences with Pinnacle Reef Diving Centre, ocean safaris, horseback riding, watch the turtles (November to February), long walks on the beach, stargazing and romantic beach picnics for two.

Mozambique travel guide – WHAT TO DO?

Ponta do Ouro is more than just a beach destination. With the right conditions, it is a great place to surf. With several coral reef areas and wrecks around, Ponta do Ouro is a top destination for diving and for snorkelling. Deep sea fishing charters, quad biking and also safaris to the Maputo Special Reserve are some options for activities.

We do work with the best operators in order to provide all these activities and more.

Scuba diving in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, is an underwater adventure. From September to April we do shark diving on Pinnacles reef, join us year around for snorkelling and freediving on Techobanine reef. Scuba diving in Mozambique is truly an experience. We also provide Padi scuba diving courses. Back to Basics Adventures is ranked No. 1 on tripadvisor. If you not yet have dived in Southern Africa you must come and scuba dive Ponta do Ouro.


The peaceful village of Macaneta is a fantastic place to relax and it is located just 40 minutes away from the capital city, Maputo. A good tar road along with a brand-new bridge connects Marracuene village to the Macaneta Peninsula. After the bridge there is a dirt road, leading towards all the lodges and resorts. This is where you will probably need a good 4×4, as the road become sandy and tricky.

With fresh products being brought in almost daily and superb Mozambican hospitality, patrons can enjoy dishes such as barracuda steaks, prawns, calamari, crayfish, and a local favourite of peri-peri chicken. Macaneta is close, safe and has infrastructure, enabling its guests to have quiet and relaxed vacations without any worries or hassles. It is perfect for a weekend getaway or a long time stay over.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Lugar do Mar: Ranging from Luxury fully airconditioned Rooms with DSTV, to 2 Bedroom Self-Catering fully equipped Chalets, airconditioned and with private Braai´s and DSTV. The in-house Restaurant offers typical Mozambican and Portuguese Cuisine with a wide range of seafood and scrumptious dishes to choose from. Offering you 2 pools in a fully serviced Bar area, with good music and Jungle Gym for our younger guests. Surrounded by well-groomed gardens. Conferences and Team Buildings can make use of the extra modern extremely well equipped Conference Room, with full internet, quite surroundings and air conditioning.

Cova do Tubarão + Roelitze Lodge: These fully equipped log houses along with sun kissed golden beaches only a couple of meters away are complimented by local fisherman selling their catch. All houses are fully equipped apart from towels. Cova do tubarão has 4 units that range from 4 – 12 sleeper units, a restaurant and a pool. Roelitze has campsites and units that can fit from 2 – 14 people, a restaurant and a pool.

Lodge Quinta do Lourenço: With lake views, Lodge Quinta do Lourenço is set in Praia de Macaneta and has a restaurant, room service, bar, garden, outdoor pool and terrace. The lodge features both WiFi and private parking free of charge.

Fitted with a patio, the units offer air conditioning and feature a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower and free toiletries. There is a seating and a dining area in all units.

A continental breakfast is available every morning at Lodge Quinta do Lourenço.

Guests can also relax in the shared lounge area.


This piece of Africa was made famous by the ivory hunters memoirs from over a century ago and a true story written in 1905 by an ox-wagon transport-rider, Sir Percy FitzPatrick, about his dog entitled “Jock of the Bushveld”.

Those that dared to travel these regions spoke about the abundance of wildlife encountered throughout their expeditions. The Kruger National Park we know today, was once an area devoid of wildlife that was repopulated from the Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique), an area rich in game and paradoxically the converse has applied with the traditional East West migration embedded in the DNA of the game herds guiding them to the lush plains of Sabie Game Park.

Unfortunately, this all changed during Mozambique’s 16 year civil war when the vast herds of game were used to feed the fighting factions. Due to the substantial conservation commitments made by those involved, this land has now been transformed to its former glory.

Sabie Game Park, a 30,000 hectare pristine wilderness area bordering the Lower Sabie section of the Kruger Park, falls within the Greater Lebombo Conservancy, forming part of the Greater Kruger National Park. This is currently the most critical piece of land on the planet for rhino conservation.  This area is all that stands between the world’s highest concentrations of rhino and the world’s highest concentration of rhino poaching syndicates.

Named after the Sabie River, a name originating from the Tsonga word “Ulusaba” meaning “fearful river”, due to the river once teeming with dangerous crocodiles. The river forms the reserve’s southernmost boundary, ecologically recognised as one of the most biologically diverse rivers in Southern Africa.

The shoreline of the 7,100 hectare Corumana Dam offers spectacular game viewing, bird watching and magnificent African sunsets.

Since this land was acquired in 2004 by Øyvind Christensen and his strategic partners, he has created a strong symbiotic relationship between his home country of Norway and Mozambique investing in the long term vision of conservation that has its focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and upliftment of local communities.

The area has been transformed from a wildlife holocaust into a flagship of “Conservation Purpose” with the dam being increased to 12,400 hectares. In addition to this the area boasts enormous concentrations of plains game, “Big 5” and is currently the only reserve in Mozambique with both black and white rhino.


Mozambique travel guide – HISTORY

The park was first proclaimed in 1898 as the Sabie Game Reserve by the then president of the Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger. He first proposed the need to protect the animals of the Lowveld in 1884, but his revolutionary vision took another 12 years to be realised when the area between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers was set aside for restricted hunting.

James Stevenson-Hamilton (born in 1867) was appointed the park’s first warden on 1 July 1902.

On 31 May 1926 the National Parks Act was proclaimed and with it the merging of the Sabie and Shingwedzi Game Reserves into the Kruger National Park.
The first motorists entered the park in 1927 for a fee of one pound.

There are almost 254 known cultural heritage sites in the Kruger National Park, including nearly 130 recorded rock art sites.

There is ample evidence that prehistoric man – Homo erectus roamed the area between 500 000 and 100 000 years ago

Cultural artifacts of Stone Age man have been found for the period 100 000 to 30 000 years ago.

More than 300 archaeological sites of Stone Age man have been found

Evidence of Bushman Folk (San) and Iron Age people from about 1500 years ago is also in great evidence.

There are also many historical tales of the presence of Nguni people and European explorers and settlers in the Kruger area.

Mozambique travel guide – WHAT TO EXPECT?

Kruger National Park is extremely well located. From Maputo, you are just 2 hours away from one of the Southern main gates, Crocodile Bridge. Considering that you do have to cross Ressano Garcia border, this is great timing, so tours from Maputo to kruger run smoothly.

Kruger can be quite busy and sometimes you might feel that it is “too organized and developed”, with its tar roads and restaurants all around. But the truth is that, despite the excessive human presence, it is one of the African icons in terms of Nature Reserves and it is possible to spot a huge number of animals within very a very short time. It is difficult to get as much diversity and density of species as you get in Kruger National Park.

We advise you to be on the look for school and national holidays in South Africa, as the Park can get extremely busy. If crossing borders during Christmas and new years, avoid at all cost doing this in the peak season days (22-26 Dec and 27 Dec – 04 Jan), as you might encounter several hours of long unorganized queues at the border.

Several activities can be purchased inside the Park: walking safaris, Game drives and much more.

We definitely recommend a visit to this amazing place – Mabeco Tours organizes tours from Maputo to Kruger National Park.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Kruger National Park has a lot of options for overnight itineraries, depending on your budget. If you are coming from Maputo, it is better to stay within the Southern area, where you can get a lot of options, from campsites to bungalows and big hotels. We recommend campsites inside the Kruger (Skukuza, Lower Sabie, Ber-en-dal, Olifants) or just outside the gates (Kruger Pestana Lodge, just outside Malelane gate).

As you travel North, there is also another border crossing to Mozambique, which is Giriyondo border, connecting Kruger National Park to Limpopo National Park.

There are several luxury lodges, located in private concessions around the Kruger Park. We recommend you to try Imbali Safari Lodge, Jock Safari Lodge, Kruger Grande, Lukimbi Safari Lodge, Rhino Walking Safaris, Shishangeni Private Lodge, Singita Sweni Lodge, The outpost, Lion Sands Kruger or Pafuri Camp.

Tours from Maputo to Kruger are very easy and comfortable. Join us in day trips or overnight experiences in a wide range of accommodations.

Hlane Royal National Park

Mozambique travel guide – HISTORY

Hlane Royal National Park was proclaimed as a National Park in 1967, following Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (1961), under instruction of King Sobhuza ll. “Hlane” is the siSwati name for ‘wilderness’.

Hlane is an affordable lowveld destination with exciting species lists including impressive ancient hardwood habitats, big game and rich birdlife. This 22,000 ha park, once the region’s richer hunting grounds, still boasts the largest herds of game in the Kingdom with iconic species being lion, elephant, vultures and marabou stork.

Affordable Accommodation is available in Ndlovu Camp and Bhubesi Camp, which are 16 km apart. Ndlovu Camp is at the heart of the big game area, while Bhubesi Camp is a quiet self-catering camp outside the endangered species area.

Hlane is managed for the species inhabiting it, with both self-drive and limited access areas.  The Lions are in a separate limited-access area, only accessible by guided game drives.

All activities are guided and depart from Ndlovu Camp, with exception of self-drive in select areas. Day Visitors are welcome to self-drive and picnic, visit the restaurant or take part in activities. Sunset and sunrise activities are not possible for guests staying at Bhubesi Camp, unless a full group book and prearrange with the Park Management to depart from Bhubesi Camp.

Essential Information: Please note gates are open from Sunrise to Sunset.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Ndlovu Camp: Easily accessed about 1km from the Simunye road, self-catering cottages, group accommodation and camping are on offer. Ranges from units from 2 to 8 pax.

Bhubesi Camp: Bhubesi is a comfortable self-catering camp with 6 cottages located approx 16km from Ndlovu Camp in the northwest corner of Hlane Royal National Park.

Ehlatsini Bush Trails: A rustic overnight walking trail camp set up for small groups keen to engage fully with the bush.

Gaza Province

The Gaza Province is located North of Maputo (roughly 318 km from the capital city).

This province is actually quite diverse in terms of landscape and places to see. It is crossed by several major rivers like the Limpopo, the Olifants and the Changane.

Xai Xai is the capital city of Gaza Province. It lays just after the Limpopo river mouth, a magnificent place where the river meets the Indian Ocean.

Deeper inland, following the Limpopo river natural course, there are historical cities like Chókwe and also Massingir, a beautiful place surrounded by a large water dam (Massingir Dam).

Massingir is at the doorstep of Limpopo National Park, a big wildlife extension that is connected to kruger and it is route to many travelers in search of the amazing Mozambican beaches (via the Giriyondo border in the Kruger Park).

Must go areas:

Limpopo National Park;





Limpopo National Park

The Limpopo National Park, located in the district of Massingir, in the Province of Gaza, was established through the cooperation between the Government and the Peace Parks Foundation in 2001. Together with the South African and Zimbabwean border regions, it forms the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Area. In it’s sandy prairies, mopane savannahs, forested savannahs and alluvial plains we can find a diversity of species including elephants, buffalos, giraffes and several species of antelopes.

This Park has the particularity of presenting a preserved landscape in almost its entire surface, with 10 distinct ecosystems. Almost all fauna species present in the Kruger National Park, in South Africa, can be seen in Limpopo. The Massingir Dam, the Shingwedzi river and cliffs, the Elephant river dam and the Mapai area are very attractive zones, in terms of flora and fauna, but also in terms of cultural offerings. The Shingwedzi river zone is the ideal place for wildlife tourism, adventure hiking and safaris. The Massingir Dam is an ideal place for the practice of several nautical sports.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Campismo Aguia Pesqueira (Fish Eagle Camp): This camp is preferred by visitors looking for a quite relaxing atmosphere and is situated about 55 km from Giriyondo border gate and about 25 km from Massingir. It consists of 3 “nodes”. 1st node: the overlander site which caters for bigger groups who wish to camp together. This node has ablution (showers and toilets) and kitchen facilities (counter and running water and a small one plate stove) as well as a number of skottelbraais. The 2nd node consists of individual very privately placed camping sites, each with its own skottelbraai. This node also has kitchen and ablution facilities as above. The 3rd node consists of 4 wooden chalets, each of which sleeps 2 people and includes linen, towels, crockery and cutlery, pots and pans and a small one plate gas stove as well as mosquito nets Each chalet has a bathroom en suite as well as kitchenette and a deck overlooking the dam. The camp is situated high on the escarpment and all camping sites and chalets have magnificent views of the dam which is located 250 m away. The only electricity provided is for chalet, ablution and kitchen lighting.

Covane Community Lodge (outside Limpopo): Covane Community Lodge is owned by the local Canhane Community near the Moçambican town of Massingir, and is commercially managed by Andre & Marina Scholtz. The lodge was originally established with the support of Helvetas, a Swiss NGO, which was subsequently taken over by Lupa, a Moçambique-based NGO. Covane Community Lodge offers an escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life, providing accommodation and camping facilities for adventure travellers and backpackers. It is the ideal over-night stop for people travelling between the Moçambique coast and South Africa’s Northern provinces. Our houseboat on the Massingir Dam provides accommodation for self-catering holidays or fishing trips, perfect for Tiger fishermen. The Massingir Dam, with a 5km wide wall, stretches 20kms into the Elefantes Gorge, all the way up to the South African border with the Kruger National Park.

The lodge offers lake view chalets overlooking the Massingir dam. These units have two single beds and the option of an additional mattress on the floor. The en-suite bathroom offers hot water, a shower, basin & flush toilet. Linen, towels and  mosquito nets are provided. Also on offer are traditional rustic huts, which are built from wood and thatch and have shade cloth windows. These units have two single beds and the option of an additional mattress on the floor. The en-suite bathroom offers hot water, a shower, basin & flush toilet. Linen, towels and mosquito nets are provided. Camping and over-landing visitors are also provided for. Campers have access to communal ablutions with hot water available and facilities to make fires for outdoor cooking. There are however no power points available on these stands.


Bilene is one of the most famous beach destinations in Mozambique. It is located in front of the enormous saltwater lagoon called Uembje, which ultimately gives visitors the chance to appreciate and experience the best of both the ocean and the lagoon.

The Lagoon stretches 13 km parallel to the coast, only to be separated by a large sand dune which eventually meets at the lagoons mouth. The Lagoon mouth is kept open to allow for boats, Deep Sea Fishing and Scuba Diving Charters to take to the ocean to go about their activities. Within the lagoon, visitors can explore numerous smaller bays and coves on whatever craft you choose, whether it is by canoe, jet ski or boat – most of which can be hired from a number of lodges in Bilene.

Most of the lodges in Bilene are only a stone’s throw away from the lagoons warm waters which caters for a variety of fun activities and water sports, including: Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Parasailing, Wake Boarding, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Slalom, Knee Boarding, Canoeing, Snorkelling, Volleyball and more. What is significant about the lagoon, is its shallow and calm waters, making it safe for swimmers which is ideal for parents and families who have small kids.

Bilene village also offers a few restaurants with lodges that welcome walk-ins, a bakery, cafe, curio shops and markets that sell local arts & crafts and basic supplies for visitor needs.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Villa N’banga Lodge: The lodge accommodates guests in 8 and 4 person tents with en-suite bathrooms and 3 person tents with en-suite kitchens. It also offers a family 4 sleeper tent with en-suite bathroom and kitchen. The lodge can comfortably accommodate 2-20 guests (extra 4 mattress and bedding with 2 pop-up tents and an extra 8 sleeper tent with 2 double mattresses). The Luxury Villa sleeps 8 guests and offers private tents accommodating 2/4/6/8/10/12 guests, all situated on the lagoon margin, and at 2 km from the ocean.Villa n’Banga has its own Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and supper. For weddings or large groups of 14-80 guests a buffet menu is available with special Mozambique dishes, and breakfast can be arranged.

True paradise has no tarred roads but is accessible by a normal car. No 4×4 needed! There are dunes and the beach to explore too, whale watching (seasonal), fishing, quads or water sports etc.

This accommodation is also pet friendly.

Praia do Cossa: Praia do Cossa is ideally situated on the northern banks of the lagoon, approx 7km from the village of Bilene. You may be in Bilene but you could just as well be on a remote island anywhere in the world. Praia do Cossa offers 3 to 8 sleeper units.

San Martinho Beach Club: San Martinho Beach Club, lies just north of Maputo, in the beautiful coastal town of Bilene which boasts a stunning natural lagoon. The resort comprises of Luxury Beach Front Apartments set along the lagoon shore, and luxury Villas set in an indigenous garden. With direct ocean access from the lagoon, San Martinho Beach Club offers a treasure chest of Mozambique’s infinite coastal beauty.

Nghunghwa Lodge: Nghunghwa Lodge offers various options of luxury accommodation: 1) The Presidential / Honeymoon Suite, 2) 7 x Two-bedroom houses, and 3) 4 x Three-bedroom houses.

All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are air-conditioned, and all houses have spacious patios overlooking the lagoon. Houses are serviced daily. Except for the Presidential Suite, all houses have fully equipped kitchens with full sized fridge & freezer, gas stove, microwave oven and kettle.


Chidenguele is another option for beach goers and also for admirers of the lagoons. This area is great when doing larger segments of road, like for example vilanculos to Maputo (more than 10 hours driving). The relaxed area is well situated and allows you to either spend a couple of days in paradise, if you live in the hectic Maputo, or stopover when driving long distances.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Naara Eco-lodge: Naara Eco-Lodge & Spa is an exclusive paradise with only 10 luxurious safari tents in Southern Mozambique which is surrounded by African indigenous bush overlooking the soothing waters of Nhambavale Lake.

Luxury safari tents are set up on permanent structures with large front doors allowing superb lake views. Each tent is strategically placed so that they all have magnificent views of the lake while ensuring privacy is attained.

Each tent has a large bedroom area and individual covered veranda. Verandas are suited with sofas, where guests can enjoy the views. The indoor en suite facility opens to a private secluded garden, where an outdoor shower is found.

Superior wooden Balinese furniture adds an elegant and rustic touch to each luxury tent.

Zona Braza beach Lodge: Located on the beach between Xai-Xai and Chidenguele, Zona Braza Beach Lodge features 3 outdoor pools, a restaurant and bar.

With sea or garden view, the units are equipped with a fan, kitchen facilities and private bathrooms. The beds are draped with a mosquito net.

Breakfast is available for a surcharge and the closest grocery store is located in Xai-Xai. Free WiFi is available in the restaurant area.

Parking is available and the accommodation is 230 km from Inhambane and a 4.5-hour drive from Maputo.

Inhambane Province

Inhambane Province is probably one of the most desired touristic destination areas in Mozambique. The vast coastal area is filled with pristine and crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean and many of its beaches supports important mangrove swamps. Inland, and most of the times very close to the ocean, there are hundreds of lagoons that vary in size, from small to large, providing an idyllic and picturesque scenery as they are surrounded by coconut trees, cashew nut trees, mango trees and papaya trees.

The N1 road that crosses the Southern Provinces is quite good and makes the circulation relatively easy and fluid. When trying to reach the coastal lodges, you will most likely need a high range 4X4 vehicle and experience driving in these conditions…but not everywhere.

There are so many places and secrets to learn about this amazing and exciting area, which includes one of the last remaining Dugong communities in Mozambique.

Must go areas:

Inhambane City;


Tofo beach (and tofinho);


Barra beach;


Pomene Reserve;


Zinave National Park;




Bazaruto Archipelago.

Inhambane City

Inhambane Province is probably one of the most desired touristic destination areas in Mozambique. The vast coastal area is filled with pristine and crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean and many of its beaches supports important mangrove swamps. Inland, and most of the times very close to the ocean, there are hundreds of lagoons that vary in size, from small to large, providing an idyllic and picturesque scenery as they are surrounded by coconut trees, cashew nut trees, mango trees and papaya trees.

The N1 road that crosses the Southern Provinces is quite good and makes the circulation relatively easy and fluid. When trying to reach the coastal lodges, you will most likely need a high range 4X4 vehicle and experience driving in these conditions…but not everywhere.

There are so many places and secrets to learn about this amazing and exciting area, which includes one of the last remaining Dugong communities in Mozambique.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Casa do Capitão: Enjoy one of the finest settings in Inhambane. The original Port Captains residence gives historic inspiration for the creation of Casa do Capitão. Modern and luxurious, this Mozambique hotel in Inhambane offers superb views over the bay.

You can relax on the spacious terrace with an exotic drink at your elbow and just soak up the atmosphere. The Club Comodoro Restaurant, which extends for some distance out over the lagoon, serves a creative menu of popular dishes, seafood platters and mouth watering Portuguese grills accompanied by a comprehensive wine list.

Casa do Capitão is an idyllic holiday destination with access to the town but also well suited to business and conference clientele. The conference facilities can accommodate up to 300 delegates in style. This is also an excellent venue for a beautiful wedding. Inhambane has a number of attractions as well as its own airport.

Tofo Beach (and tofinho)

Tofo beach is probably one of our favourite places to go. It is a small, fishing village, composed by a tiny central market area, with art craft, bars and restaurants. It is just 15 meters away from the beach sand.

Tofo bay is beautiful and it has many accommodation and activities available for the ones that search for adventure or the ones that just want to relax. Known for diving, snorkelling, fishing, surfing and much more, Tofo is an ideal destination for active families and friends.


The greatest thing about this place is the vibe: the simplicity of the place reminds of a normal backpacker’s destination, which in fact, it is. But there is something magical here. This is a place to disconnect and to have fun and be happy.

Diving and snorkelling are major activities in the area as you can observe manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales (May – October) and also the Whale shark.

There are 2 very high seasons in Tofo beach, which are August and Christmas to New Year: the dynamics of the place changes during these times, so our most honest recommendation is to visit during other periods, if you are looking for a less crowded area.

You can stay in Tofinho area, which is also quite close from Tofo (just around the corner of the bay, meaning 5 min driving or 20 min walking) if you want to make sure you stay in a more isolated area.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Baia Sonambula: Situated at the end of Tofo Beach and within a 200 m walk of the market and the centre of Tofo, Baia Sonambula features accommodation with a shared lounge, a garden and room service for your convenience. Free WiFi is available.

There is a private bathroom with shower in all units, along with a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Guests at the bed and breakfast can enjoy a continental breakfast.

Baia Sonambula offers a terrace.

Beach and surf villas tofinho: Set on the beach in Praia do Tofo, Beach Villa Tofinho boasts ocean views. Free private parking is available on site. Each holiday home has direct private beach front access.

The 3-story, self-catering houses offers a seating area, a dining area and a kitchen complete with an oven, a toaster and a stovetop. They each have a large manicured garden and large outdoor BBQ area. Towels and bed linen are provided in this accommodation. 2 bathrooms are available, both fitted with a shower. The house has a domestic worker for daily cleaning services.

The property is secured by a 24-hour guard service and restaurants can be found in the local area. Airport transfers can be arranged on request.

Casa Algodoal: Set in Praia do Tofo, just 1.8 km from Tofinho Monument, Casa Algodoal offers beachfront accommodation with a garden, barbecue facilities, a terrace and free WiFi. With sea views, this accommodation provides a balcony.

The villa features 3 bedrooms, a kitchen with a fridge and an oven, a washing machine, and 2 bathrooms.

Casa na Praia: Casa na Praia Tofo- beach front hotel is located on the beach in Praia do Tofo. Free WiFi access is available at the Lounge Bar and on the restaurant deck.

Certain rooms feature a private veranda where guests can enjoy the view. Some of the rooms are air-conditioned and the private en suite bathrooms are fitted with a shower.

Massages can be arranged for guests. A variety of activities can be enjoyed in the area including whale watching, fishing, horse riding and snorkelling.

Casa Barry: situated on the southern tip of Tofo point which is 22km from Inhambane and covering an area of 13 acres, Casa Barry Lodge consists of charming thatched dwellings which blend in perfectly with its surrounding natural splendours. Because Casa Barry Lodge is positioned right on Tofo’s main swimming beach, you can take a short stroll across the powdery sand and straight into the warm Mozambique water.

Hotel Tofo Mar: Totally renovated and expanded, this Boutique Beach Hotel reopens on late 2013 with 8 double rooms, 3 deluxe bedrooms and 2 suites, all superiorly equipped.

The Hotel also offers the best balcony of the Indic Coast, a Signature Restaurant, Bar, Massage terrace and a Conference Room Hall with independent access, technical facilities and capacity for up to 80 people.

Liquid adventures: Enjoy your own private terrace and modern Scandinavian interiors. The 11 on-site cabins have use of a beachfront pool, situated at a secluded part of the beach close to Tofo’s restaurants and bars. The rooms are only a few steps from the Ocean, so you can relax and wake up to the sound of the waves.

Mozambique travel guide – WHAT TO DO?

Diversity scuba: Diversity Scuba is a PADI 5 Star CDC – Career Development Centre and Tofo’s longest operating scuba dive centre. Based on the beautiful Tofo Beach in Inhambane Province, Mozambique, it can offer the customers some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the Indian Ocean. Dive with sharks, rays and turtles, the iconic manta rays, Humpback whales and much more, the best diving in Mozambique. The coral reefs are abundant with marine life. This area has one of the the highest Whale Shark populations in the world, with all-year-round sightings with the best chance of seeing these beautiful creatures through the summer months (November to April/May). During the Winter months (May to October), large numbers of Humpback Whales migrate along the coastline and come very close to shore in the Tofo area. The Humpback whale population is growing every year and more and more of these incredible animals can be seen on scuba in season.

Peri Peri divers: Owners Steve and Nick combine their 25 years of local experience and enthusiasm scuba diving the pristine reefs of Tofo Beach, to offer a bespoke range of diving experiences including: Ocean Safaris, PADI Training Courses, PADI Freediving, Complementary Yoga, Kite Boarding, Spa and Dive Packages in association with a number of the finest accommodation options in Tofo Beach. Peri Peri divers is also the sole service provider to the established and long standing “Marine Megafauna Foundation” Founded by Dr Andrea Marshal (Manta Queen) and Dr. Simon Pierce (Whale Shark whisperer). PHD Graduate scientists are aboard all launches giving clients an environmentally friendly dive service! SCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and DIVING. What more could you ask for ?

Liquid adventures: Liquid Dive Adventures is a conservation oriented, 100% AWARE, PADI Green Star dive centre at the beautiful Tofo beach. It offers on site beach accommodation, vegetarian restaurant, ocean safaris, kayak trips and diving in Tofo.

The surf shack: they have a large variety of surfboards and bodyboards, for rental and for sale, ranging between 5’10 and 9’2. Surfing in Tofo bay is like no other, its beautiful clear waters, rolling waves and humpback whales playing in the distance will leave you with a surfing experience you will never forget!

Tofo life: Tofo Life is a community eco-tours business that was started in 2017. It is owned by 10 women The objective of the business is to deliver an authentic experience to visitors showcasing what traditional life is like for the members of the Tofo Josina Machel community, and giving guests a chance to join in.

Marine Megafauna Foundation: Each week Marine Megafauna Foundation holds 3 different hour-long talks: | Manta Monday at Dathonga – 6 PM – 200 Metical pp | Whale Shark Wednesday at Tofo do Mar Hotel – 6 PM – 200 Metical pp | Free Friday at Casa de Comer – 6 PM – Free entry | Come along to find out more about marine megafauna and why ongoing research is critical to their protection. All funds raised from the talks go directly back into the research and conservation programs to protect marine megafauna.

Tofo Scuba: TOFO SCUBA is a 5-star PADI resort centre located on Tofo beach metres from the Indian Ocean. It offers everything from one-day Discover Scuba Diving through to 3-month Divemaster courses. It offers unlimited NITROX for a fixed price and have deals on the NITROX specialty course. It also offers Ocean Safaris, 2-hour snorkelling trips with a chance to watch and swim with whale sharks, mantas, dolphins and turtles all year round. Humpback whales are also in Tofo June-Nov. Dive packages, transfers and accommodation can be arranged. Tofo Scuba boasts 3 zodiac boats, new and well-maintained equipment and Tofo’s only heated pool. Lockers are on site. Safety is priority, delivered by the friendliest knowledgeable staff. 23DegSouth is their beautiful restaurant on the beach hosting breakfast & lunch with free Wi-Fi. An extensive & exquisite menu inspired from Italy to the Far East is on offer. Expect fresh and sustainable dishes, humble service and serene atmosphere.

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Barra Beach

Located just 12 kms from Tofo, barra beach is also another possibility for your vacation in Mozambique. A bit more orientated for relaxation, barra offers several types of accommodation and a very tasty gastronomic experience.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Ecletic Beach retreat: Your home-from-home invites you to take things at your own pace.  Whether it is enjoying your private splash pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, taking long walks along the unspoilt beach or exploring the multitude of attractions and activities on offer in and around Inhambane and Barra, Eclectic Beach Retreat offers the ideal beach getaway.

Eclectic Beach Retreat offers the best in exclusive African hospitality.  Boutique rustic-chic suites complement the pristine white beaches, with the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean lulling you into full relaxation.
Our service-orientated staff and caring hosts are on hand to ensure your stay delivers exactly what you need – a place where you can renew your body, mind and soul.

Hotel Sentidos beach retreat: The interior designer’s tasteful vision is expressed in private suites that perfectly blend a classical, elegant style with exotic touches. Extremely comfortable and in different colours according to their typology, the Sentidos Beach Retreat’s 12 suites are extremely private and include panoramic views over a skyline that transforms into a blend of amazing reds in the warm African sunset.

Separated from the main building by a wooden bridge set on stakes with little lanterns that are lit after sunset, the hotel and villas’ architecture complies with the region’s sustainability rules, matching exotic wood with local construction materials. Rooms include all of the small luxuries that the urban and sophisticated customer cannot do without: air conditioning, a good shower, high quality bed sheets and more.

Bay View Lodge: Offering a barbecue, Bay View Lodge is set in Miramar, 26.5 km from Inhambane town. Free WiFi is offered .

Featuring a patio, the air-conditioned accommodation is fitted with a seating area and a dining area. There is also a kitchen, fitted with an oven and microwave. A toaster, a refrigerator and stovetop are also provided, as well as a kettle. There is a private bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer in each unit.

The lodge offers free private parking on-site and each unit is within 80 m of the beach.

Guests can enjoy a meal or a drink at The Green Turtle pub and restaurant, which is situated directly on the beach.

You can engage in various activities, such as horse riding, snorkeling and diving.

La vida jax: Surrounding La Vida Jax Self-Catering Beach Lodge is a coconut grove created 70 years ago by the Portuguese.

The facilities available at La Vida Jax Self-Catering Beach Lodge include 1) 2 X Double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, sleeps 2 each, 2) 1 double bedroom and twin bedroom share en-suite bathroom, sleeps 4, 3) Covered outdoor dining and entertainment deck, with flat top grill, and 4) Kitchen with separate scullery.

The Beach Lodge is fully serviced and equipped. Onsite security is provided.

Bela vista lodge: The accommodation at Bela Vista Lodge currently consists of 5 big 5-bedroom houses. The houses are open-plan, spacious and airy and have been designed with the surrounding environment in mind. The split-level decks and lounges provide comfortable areas to relax. There is a spacious braai deck with plenty of room for friends and family, plus a large gas braai and fully equipped kitchen. The two double bedrooms downstairs share a bathroom, and both open out directly onto the front and side decks through glass doors. Upstairs is another deck with great lagoon views and 3 additional bedrooms, each with two single daybeds and 1 shared bathroom. There is an outside shower for enjoying the star filled Mozambican night sky.

The houses are appointed with towels, linen, cutlery, crockery and kitchen ware, fans in all rooms and some hammocks for chilled afternoons. The houses are serviced daily. Crystal clear, quality borehole water straight from the water table below the dune is provided. Chill and enjoy …

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO EAT?

Green Turtle Restaurant: Our well-known and very popular restaurant, The Green Turtle is ON the beach and is run by French husband and wife team – Joelle and Francois. They have been in Mozambique for several years and have fused influences from Europe and Africa to create unique flavours and combinations.

The Green Turtle is considered the No. 1 restaurant in Mozambique – according to TripAdvisor.

The restaurant is open seven days a week to the general public, not just to guests of Bay View Lodge – except for two short closures.
They prepare a daily a-la-carte menu based on local availability. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in style, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

Pomene Reserve

The Pomene National Reserve is located in the district of Massinga, in the Province of Inhambane. It was established in 1964 and has several land and water habitats, including vegetation covered dunes, savannahs, mangroves and swamps. Its beaches are known for the white sand and clear water, bringing each year tourists from all origins. In its savannahs, several land animal species can be observed, such as the wildebeest, klipspringer, steenbok, impala, and baboons.

It is one of those destinations that are very unknown and unexplored and if you are a surfer, you will find that Pomene has great waves to catch.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Paradise Beach Lodge Pomene: Paradise Beach Lodge is a self-catering lodge set on the edge of the Pomene Estuary with access to the sea. They have 9 units and can sleep a total of 60 people with units ranging from 4 sleepers, 6 sleepers and 8 sleepers. they include a full restaurant and bar serving all meals, full DSTV for the sports lovers and a baker on site to supply the most amazing bread or pão hot each morning. Paradise ticks all the boxes for water sports enthusiasts, fisherman (catering for all facets) of fishing and relaxation and beauty. The highlight for the fishing is that the boat is launched the day you arrive and only needs to be taken out the day you leave. Paradise lodge is situated on an unspoiled piece of coastline where the flamingos roam, and where you can still find cowrey shells and the beautiful pansy.


The shipwreck lodge: Somewhere around 1960, a ship called the Berea was shipwrecked on the South Beach of Pomene. Parts of the ship were still on the beach when The Shipwreck Lodge was being built a few years ago. Pomene was initially discovered when a road was built to recover the valuable sugar cargo on the Berea. This event in turn led to the development of the Old Pomene Hotel, also once known as the holiday home of Samora Machel. The luxurious self-catering lodge consists of two levels. The top level has an open plan fully equipped kitchen, dining table and a lounge suite. Outside is a large deck with 2 deck chairs, a deck outlook with 6 chairs and a coffee table. Two large double rooms with en-suite bathrooms are situated next to the deck area. Going down to the bottom level they offer a massage room and at an extra small fee a massage by one of the local ladies

On the bottom level is a large entertainment area with a bar area, DSTV, dart board and lounge suite. Adjacent to this area is a single bedroom sharing a bathroom with the entertainment area.

Outside the entertainment area, under the deck, is a braai or second open entertainment area. There is a 7 burner elite jet master gas braai, a small splash pool “drink gat“, outside open shower and a bar counter with chairs. Leading from the splash pool is a 40 m walkway to the beach.

Zinave National Park

Zinave National Park has been receiving animal stocks to re-populate this Conservation Area. We are very happy to say that the park is slowly coming back to life and we will be there to take you and show you the best areas (comming soon).

Along the Save river, in the north-west of the Province of Inhambane, the Zinave National Park, established in 1973, makes the transition between the wet tropical lands and the dry lands, representing an important crossing point for the nomadic mammals who cross the Limpopo region.

Some of the animals in the park include spotted hyena, wildebeest, sable antelope, hartebeest, reedbuck, cheetahh, giraffe, zebra, elephant, buffalo, eland, roan antelope and many others. Some of the birds in the park include ostrich which is the largest bird in the world.

The giraffe is the main species from the local fauna, which is naturally accompanied by a vegetation rich in acacias, and miombo and mopane forests. Ancestral baobab trees can also be seen along its landscape. The Park features a camping site in which the tourists can stay peacefully overnight.

The riverbank forest, along the Save river, is the Park’s main attraction, hosting an amazing diversity of trees and large mammals. One can still witness several miombo forests, woods and gorgeous lagoons. The traditional fishing and rain ceremonies, ancient tales and sacred locations are part of the cultural riches of the region.

There are no formal places to stay or eat, but we will be able to camp out in the Main Camp area. We will provide all equipment, food and service for your comfort. Zinave National Park is now another opportunity to merge the best Mozambique has to offer, which is Bush and Beach. Despite of more than 5 hours drive from Vilanculos, a major beach and Island destination, you will have this option available.


Vilanculos is well known as the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago and was one of Mozambique’s first well known tourist destinations. With regular flights from South Africa and now improved road access, Vilanculos is fast becoming a popular destination with tourists and travelers alike.

From Maputo is a more than 700 Kms driving but the road is good and the drive is an excellent opportunity to see a good part of the Country and how landscape changes along the way: from cashew nut trees to coconut trees and baobabs when closer to Vilanculos.

The town itself is only about 5km long, filled with all the amenities needed to make your visit comfortable yet local. The airport is based on the outside of the town with flights arriving and departing on a daily basis.

The Bazaruto Archipelago, a chain of islands strung out like a pearl necklace, is a protected National Marine Reserve (declared so in 1971) that lies parallel to the historical Mozambican channel. The archipelago consists of five islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque and Santa Carolina also known as Paradise Island.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Vilanculos Beach Lodge: Featuring an outdoor swimming pool and a garden, Vilanculos Beach Lodge is located north of Vilanculos. Among the various facilities are a terrace, a shared lounge, as well as a bar. There is a restaurant.

At the resort, each room comes with a balcony. Rooms are complete with a private bathroom fitted with free toiletries, while certain units at Vilanculos Beach Lodge also offer a seating area. The units at the accommodation have air conditioning and a desk.

Vilanculos Beach Lodge offers a continental or buffet breakfast.

You can play table tennis at the resort. Activities such as horse riding, scuba diving, kite surfing and fishing are possible in the surrounding area.

The airport is a 15-minute drive from Vilanculos Beach Lodge and a complimentary airport transfer can be arranged.

Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel: Located in on the north east coast of Mozambique in Vilankulos, this luxury boutique beachfront hotel features a spa and wellness centre, infinity outdoor swimming pool and tropical garden offering views of the Indian Ocean.

At Bahia Mar the elegant rooms come complete with air conditioning and feature a cosy seating area, mosquito net draped over the bed and a modern en suite bathroom.

Elevated and boasting panoramic views of the Bazaruto Archipelago, the à la carte restaurant serves dishes comprising of fresh and local flavours. Guests can unwind by the poolside whilst enjoying a cocktail or smoothie.

Facilities include a fitness centre and nearby activities range from windsurfing and canoeing. The Vilankulo Airport can be reached within 10 km.

Casa Rex: Overlooking the Indian Ocean and Bazaruto Archipelago Islands, Casa Rex Boutique Hotel is situated in Vilanculos. The hotel boasts sea facing rooms and a garden with 2 outdoor pools. WiFi is available throughout the property.

Rooms at Casa Rex are individually decorated. Each comes with air-conditioning, a fan, tea-and-coffee making facilities and a safety deposit box. The beds are draped with a mosquito net. WiFi access is available.

Meals are served on the terrace and guests can enjoy stunning views over the bay and the lush gardens. The a la carte restaurant serves Portuguese dishes, seafood and there is a selection of imported wines and local Mozambican beer.

The hotel has conference facilities and can arrange massages. Activities in the surrounding area include snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, horseback riding and kite surfing.

Vilankulo Airport is 2 km away and the hotel offers a complimentary airport shuttle.

Baobab beach resort and backpackers: Featuring free WiFi and a restaurant, Baobab Beach Resort and Backpackers offers accommodation in Vilanculos, 300 m from Supermarket Yussuf Aisha. The resort has an outdoor pool and views of the sea, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. Free private parking is available on site.

You will find a shared kitchen at the property.

You can engage in various activities, such as horse riding and snorkelling.

Vilanculos Airport is within a 10-minute drive of Baobab Beach Resort and Backpackers, while there is a Municipal Market within 500 m of the property.

Villas do Indico: With an outdoor pool and spa facilities, Villas do Indico is an eco-resort located on the beautiful sands of Vilanculos. Free WiFi access is accessible, and free parking is possible on site.

Villas do Indico offers rooms in thatched cottages close to the beachfront, surrounded by tropical gardens. Each room is en suite with a shower. All rooms come complete with air conditioning, mosquito nets on the bed, an outdoor terrace with hammocks, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and can be enjoyed in the property’s dining room or on the guest’s own terrace. Villas do Indico’s on site restaurant blends Portuguese roots with the exotic flavors of Mozambican cuisine.

Guests may relax by the resort’s private beach, swimming pool, or enjoy the on site spa facilities. Villas do Indico can organize tours and wildlife expeditions.

Hotel Dona Ana: Hotel Dona Ana is located at Vilankulo harbour. Surrounded by 2 ocean sides, this art deco hotel offers a terrace with outdoor pool. Vilankulo Airport is within 10 minutes drive from the hotel and a free airport shuttle is offered.

The modern classical decorated rooms are equipped with air conditioning and private bathroom with shower. They feature views of the harbour, garden or sea.

Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, serving local and Portuguese cuisine. Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed at the bar.

As Dunas Lodge: With sea views, asDunas Lodge – All Inclusive is located in Vilanculos and has a restaurant, a concierge service, bar, garden, outdoor pool and terrace. Free WiFi is provided throughout the property.

There is a fully equipped private bathroom with shower and free toiletries.

Guests at the lodge can enjoy a continental breakfast.

A private beach area is available on site.

Casa Babi: Located on one of the most beautiful and lively beaches in Vilanculos, Casa Babi is a Boutique Guest House with a real B&B atmosphere and one of the special accommodations in town. All our rooms overlook the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago. They offer great comfort and fantastic sea-views, one step away from the beach.

A swimming pool, restaurant, in-house dive centre and kite-surf school will add to your comfort and pleasure during your stay.

Dugong beach lodge: Set on a private beach in the Vilanculos Coastal and Wildlife Sanctuary, Dugong Beach Lodge has an infinity pool on a large furnished deck with beautiful ocean views. The lodge has a restaurant, library and shared lounge.

Each guest chalet opens out onto a patio with breathtaking ocean views. The beds are graciously covered with mosquito nets, and there is a seating area.They are also equipped with a minibar, air-conditioner, and tea-and-coffee making facilities. Fitted with a shower and luxurious bath, the private bathroom comes with a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Buffet or or à la carte meals are served in the dining room and beach picnics or private dinners can also be arranged.

An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including
sundowner dhow cruises, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing , diving and hiking. For relaxation, messages can be booked at the reception.

Dugong Beach Lodge can be reached via a 40-minute boat transfer from Vilanculos International Airport and chartered flights can also be arranged.

Santorini: Nestled above the red cliffs of Kingfisher Bay in Vilanculos, Santorinis’ unfurling view of the archipelago islands and curling mainland in the distance is unsurpassable. Santorini Mozambique is like a small Greek village in the heart of a raw African landscape – a magical combination.

Here luxury goes hand in hand with a genuine humility and modesty that produce true richness and sophistication adding a welcoming warmth to its ambiance.

The attention to detail in every space and the personal touch delivered throughout your stay is beyond expectation. From the captivating decor and intriguing design within the villas, to the lush landscaped gardens and outstanding food, there is nothing that has been missed.

Originally created as a boutique villa, the passion and aspiration exploded beyond this, to create mystical pieces of heaven that fell into place against this dramatic backdrop. The entire estate exudes unpretentious charm.

Eden Eco lodge: Featuring sea views, Eden Bay Eco Lodge in Vilankulos features accommodation, a private beach area and an outdoor swimming pool.

There is a kitchenette in some of the units equipped with a toaster, fridge, all cooking utensils and crockery and cutlery.

A sun terrace can be found at Eden Bay Eco Lodge, along with a garden.

On site at Eden Bay Eco Lodge and at an additional charge, Bazaruto Encounters offer excursions and activities such has snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, tubing, wake boarding and Stand-up paddling. Fishing with all equipment is included and island excursions are also offered.

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Mozambique travel guide – WHAT TO DO?

Sailaway Dhow safaris: Operating since 1997, Sailaway offers a unique adventure to the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. Join for a day safari to Magaruque Island or Bazaruto Island, or for an overnight safari to visit various islands and coral reefs. Safaris include meals and refreshments, snorkelling equipment and either tented or en-suit accommodation on the mainland. Sailaway vision is to be the first-choice provider of safaris in the Bazaruto Archipelago, operating in a manner that supports local economic and social development, whilst ensuring conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area, creating unforgettable leisure and educational opportunities for clients, through dhow-based adventure and ecotourism products and to share with clients a greater understanding of the importance of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Mozambique horse safaris: Come and share in the epic adventures of the Retzlaff family where the legends of the rescued horses of Mozambique Horse Safari come to life. Open your eyes to a different world, where you will ride the beaches on a sprightly bay, wade into turquoise seas and share in the unbreakable bond between man and horse. The majority of our horses were rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence and each horse has their own incredible story. You will meet Texas, the strong grey gelding who was about to be fed to lions, and Princess, a gentle loving mare who survived a spear to the shoulder by marauding thugs. You will also meet Lady an orphan foal that has grown into the matriarch of our herd, and Morango, a newly born foal and hope for the future. Our guests become part of the family and often return regularly with deep bonds forming between horse and rider. Riding with Mozambique Horse Safari is a truly life changing experience!

Odyssea dive: Fully registered PADI dive resort, Odysseia take you for amazing day trips to the Bazaruto Archipelago. All dives are led by qualified instructors with a maximum of 6 divers to one instructor. Dive courses from Discover Scuba to Rescue Diver. Non divers are more than welcome to join on the boat for a great snorkelling day. Stand up paddle boards and kayaks are available at the dive centre as well as a kite-surf school. English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken.

Kitesurfing Centre Mozambique: The Kitesurfing Centre offers lots of different activities from kitesurfing lessons to Dhow Safaris to the Islands. It is based at the coastal village of Vilanculos. With a beautiful coastline, bars, restaurants, local markets and an airport on the edge of town with daily flights, Vilanculos is the gateway to the idyllic islands of Bazaruto Archipelago. In this Marine National Park expect flat, waist deep water and consistent winds making this spot a kite surfers paradise. Whether you are a total beginner or wanting to push your kiteboarding skills to the next level, Kitesurfing Centre Mozambique has a range of courses to meet your needs.

Vilanculos Canoe Safaris: Vilanculos Canoe Trails is an eco-activity company based in Vilanculos Mozambique and offers either morning or afternoon Canoe trips into the Govuro Wetlands 30 km west inland. Water, fruit juice and snacks are available on every trip. The river is full of African , water birds, fire flies and aquatic animals.

Big Blue Vilankulo: A tourism charter company set on the shores of the small fishing town of Vilankulo in Mozambique, portal to the gem of the Indian Ocean, the Bazaruto Archipelago. We offer professionally guided snorkelling and fishing trips, island excursions, sea safaris, island transfers, boat storage and boat repairs.

Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of six islands in Mozambique, near the mainland city of Vilankulo. It comprises the islands of Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina (also known as Paradise Island) and Shell. Nyati Island locates in further south. They lie within Bazaruto National Park and are known for their white-sand beaches. Bazaruto, with sand dunes, is the largest island. Coral reefs around Magaruque and Santa Carolina islands protect rare marine animals, like dugongs. The wetlands, forests and grasslands of Benguerra Island’s interior are home to many bird species.

All the accommodations in these islands will provide you with everything from meals to activities.

Mozambique travel guide – WHERE TO STAY?

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort: With 2,500 km of Indian Ocean coastline, Mozambique is an aqua-playground bathed in brilliant watercolour hues. Nowhere is its beauty more pristine than the Bazaruto Archipelago, a protected marine reserve and national park.

Ilha de Bazaruto, Island of the Mist, lies 30 km off the mainland. Here, rolling sand dunes melt into clear azure ocean. Swim with dolphins and experience the annual migration of humpback whales from July to September. Set sail for the sunset. Lose yourself to nature’s beauty in one of the last untouched paradises.

Welcome to Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort, a truly luxury escape among Mozambique resorts.

At a Glimpse:

  • Only 44 luxury villas dotting the coast
  • World-class diving, sailing, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing
  • Sunset dune boarding
  • Embrace the culinary culture of Mozambique with Spice Spoons
  • Award-winning Anantara Spa
  • Private airstrip and helipad

Azura Boutique retreat (Benguerra Island): Imagine an unspoilt island within a Marine National Park, deserted beaches of pure white sand that extend for miles, sparkling turquoise seas criss-crossed by local dhows plying their trade, sunny days and star-studded nights. This is the enchanting island escape you always imagined. Azura Benguerra, the first eco-friendly resort in Mozambique, was hand-built by the local community and is operated in partnership with it. Just 20 villas are nestled along one of the last undiscovered stretches of beach in the world, with all the creature comforts you could wish for, sparkling private pools, Mozambican butler-hosts to look after your every need, fish and seafood fresh from the ocean, a fantastic range of activities and experiences, an African spa to relax in, all at a community based project where the local islanders benefit as much as you. Azura Benguerra Island is paradise found. Experience the island as it is meant to be, always at its very best. Azura Benguerra Island, Mozambique, has been included in the 2017 Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards Survey. We are really pleased with the recognition. We’re also incredibly excited to be participating in the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards! Thank you to our loyal guests for the nomination. Azura Benguerra Island’s public areas are right on the beach and open to the sea. Several different zones have been created for your enjoyment and relaxation, from the comfortable lounge area, to the vibey Star Bar, and the fabulous wine cellar offering a selection of the owner’s wines, especially flown in from their Chateau in France. The Jellyfish Restaurant offers breakfast and more formal dining. There is a media room for those needing TV and internet access, a boutique at reception, and a Padi 5 Star dive centre with top of the range Scubapro equipment.

And Beyond (Benguerra Island): An exquisite piece of Indian Ocean paradise, Benguerra Island is a luxury beach holiday destination where time stands still. Situated off the coast of Mozambique within the protected marine reserve of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, with it’s own palm-fringed bay, this island hideaway is set on a protected  lagoon unaffected by the tides. Warm waters, pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life, idyllic beaches, inland freshwater lakes and towering sand dunes have shaped this adventure haven.

The lodge lies sheltered within the canopy of an indigenous forest and swaying palm trees. The welcoming guest areas offer views of the lush tropical garden and the ocean beyond. Under the shade of straw covered wooden awnings, inviting comfortable loungers are set up around the lodge’s rim flow swimming pool. A colorfully decorated traditional wooden dhow has been converted into a picturesque beach bar, while the cool surrounds of the massage sala hold the promise of deep relaxation.

The lodge has a range of luxurious thatched accommodation. For families or small groups, the exclusive-use Casa Familia is an ideal option with three en-suite bedrooms, a large deck area and private pool overlooking the beach. Set amidst lush island forest, there are two cosy cabanas, ideal for couples or honeymooners, and the slightly larger 10 casinhas. Cabanas and casinhas all offer private timber decks, rim-flow pools, sun loungers and private salas with irresistible hanging daybeds.

Azura Marlin Beach (formerly Marlin Lodge in Benguerra Island): Azura Marlin Beach is a name to watch over the next year! This exciting new lodge is due to open its doors in mid 2020 and promises to bring a touch luxury to this beautiful beach. Located on Benguerra Islands west coast, it’s actually a reincarnation on the site of the old Marlin Lodge, which unfortunately suffered a destructive fire back in 2012 and has been closed ever since.

As of October 2019, Azura Retreats (who also own Azura Benguerra and Azura at Quilalea), bought the old Marlin Lodge and are completely redeveloping it into a five-star boutique hotel – Azura Marlin Beach. We understand the lodge will eventually have a total of 20 villas – the 10 original villas being completely refurbished first, including a family villa with pool, plus a further 10 brand new villas to be designed and added after that. During this second phase, Azura also intend to create a new main area, water sports and spa centres, and the main pool area will be refreshed too.

The plans are that Marlin Beach will have an airy, modern feel all with a Portuguese influence.

Magaruque Island Hotel: Magaruque Island is situated in the Bazaruto Archipelago,8km by Speed boat from Vilankulos. It is the only Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago with a deep channel directly in front of the beach, through which a large volume of sea water flows and accompanying fish, dolphins, and the occasional Dhow sailing gently past on route to the deeper ocean beyond the archipelago. Magaruque Island is surrounded with Extensive Pristine beaches with a beautiful coral reef and crystal clear water, where the variety of fish is limitless. The Barracuda restaurant honours nature and beauty, which features fresh seafood dishes prepared in a Mozambican and Portuguese style. Magaruque Island gives our guests the opportunity to break completely away from their everyday life and take in breathe taking sunsets and soft sounds of the Indian ocean flowing back and forth.

Kisawa Sanctuary (Benguerra): A combination of 12 one, two and three bedroom bungalows set across 300-hectares of private sanctuary beach, forest and sand dunes on Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Kisawa has a light touch on the land but a deep engagement with nature. this all-new luxury lodge with just 12 bungalows ranging from one to three bedrooms set within a 741-acre private sanctuary. Each bungalow will have its own personal beachfront, swimming pool and expansive private deck including sun and shade areas, an outdoor kitchen, and a massage hut. There will also be four dining venues and two bars plus a standalone spa specializing in Ayurvedic therapies and traditional Chinese medicine. Guests can spend their days snorkeling, sailing, diving and heli-surfing, among other occupations. Opening rates not yet available.