Adventure in Maputo special reserve by Mabeco tours, a travel agency based in Maputo

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Mabeco Tours is a small, personal and experienced operator, based in Maputo. We tailor made experiences that combine the best of Mozambique and the Southern African Countries. Start with a unique safari in Maputo Special Reserve or Kruger National Park. Finish up in one of the many crystal clear remote beaches of the Indian Ocean, such as Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique Island or Inhaca Island. The “in between’s” will be filled with exciting, adventurous and happy moments as we cruise along this exceptional part of Africa.

Mabeco Tours: Exceptional Experiences.


Maputo city tour with mabeco tours a travel agency in Mozambique

Maputo city, once known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has a history that is worth to listen to.

See the most iconic places with our experienced local guide that will show you the city like no one else.

Feel Maputo.

Swaziland culture sure from Maputo

A perfect package for the family.

Experience Swaziland culture and visit one of its most iconic parks.

Hike among the animals in Mlilwane park.

Full inclusive tour.

Safaris in Mozambique by Mabeco tours

A fully inclusive holiday package that combines the unique culture of Swaziland with the wildlife abundance of Kruger park.

Departures from Maputo at your location.

Have a good feel of Africa.

Surf trips in Mozambique

Surf on the warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

We will take you to the best surf spots in Mozambique.

Fully inclusive packages where you will only think of SURF.

Tour to Maputo special reserve from Maputo

After 10 years of Conservation efforts, it is possible to see lots of wildlife.

With a breath-taking landscape, it is one of the best Tours in Mozambique.

We provide you with a genuine and original wild camping experience.

Be in a remote area, on a comfortable, safe and surprisingly detailed camp (Chef on the spot, beds, outside showers and spacious tents).

Leopard in kruger park on a tour to kruger from Maputo

Kruger park is quite close to Maputo.

It is the perfect destination to observe the abundant diversity of species.

See the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) in just one day.

Fitted with great infrastructure and the right local partners, we will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Inhaca island overnight tour from Maputo

Inhaca Island is 45 minutes away by boat from Maputo.

Visit Ponta Torres, Santa Maria and Portuguese Island beaches.

A fantastic seafood lunch will be served where you expect it the most: with the feet on the sand.

Enjoy one of the best Tours in Mozambique.

Snorkelling gear included

Safari from Maputo to Hlane in Swaziland

Visit Swaziland Hlane park.

Have a drink overlooking the wildlife by the waterhole.

Very close to Maputo. Full inclusive experience on open safari vehicle.

Pick up anywhere in Maputo.

Top Holiday packages

Tour to Bazaruto archipelago by Mabeco tours in Mozambique

This 13-day expedition combines the wonders of the Indian Ocean and one of the most well-known Park of the African Continent.

Feel the sand and the warm water of Tofo Beach, Vilanculos and Bazaruto Archipelago, and observe the abundant diversity of wildlife at the Kruger National Park.

Adventure through Maputo special reserve provided by Mabeco tours in Mozambique

The Bush & Beach expedition offers the same feeling of the Salt & Dust expedition, but adds a very interesting cultural note and reveals Mozambique’s best kept secret: the vibrant and colourful city of Maputo and the true “out of the beaten track” nature reserve, that has been described as “the Serengeti by the ocean”.

Camping trips in Mozambique

For those that enjoy camping we offer exclusive camping trips in Mozambique.

Camp in comfort with our top equipment.

Our guides are very experienced in Mozambique and will always plan things for you and help you organise activities along the way.

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About Us

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” – Christopher McDougall

Team from a travel agency based in Maputo called Mabeco tours

Our professional and efficient Team will tailor all your needs from booking to check out. We are very experienced in Tours in Mozambique, South African and Sub Saharan Countries.

Africa is not unexpected with us: “there are no problems, but only solutions” is the mind-set that makes us different and that built our strong reputation in this market.

Mabeco tours is fitted with comprehensive insurance coverage for our guests, excellent vehicles with all the conditions and comfort.

We have professional guides and drivers and the right posture and attitude for you to take as much as you can from your experience.

Our team is fully established in the market and will only work with the ones who share our mentality and our passion. We are prepared to host large groups without losing the personalized detailed touch we are known for.

Expect courteous, well presented, polite and always on time staff through your experience with us. Day or night, 365 days a year, we will be there for you.

Mabeco Tours: Exceptional Experiences.


Mozambique is becoming one of Southern Africa’s most exciting and unique destinations. Some even say that Mozambique is to become “the Maldives of Africa”.


The vast coastline offers magnificent tropical beaches that merge perfectly with the beautiful nature inland.

Conservation areas and nature reserves are starting to thrive, giving place to stunning game drives.

Above or under the Indian Ocean waters there are fantastic wonders to observe. Mozambique is truly a perfect destination for snorkelling, diving, fishing, water sports, island hoping, safaris, cultural tours and tailor made tours.


The Country offers diverse and unique options for family & friends travels, romantic getaways & honeymoons and also adventure travels.


Pristine beaches or turquoise waters are not the only appealing factors to visit Mozambique. From the culture, architecture and gastronomy of the capital city, Maputo to the World Heritage Site of Mozambique Island.

The wildlife of stunning reserves and parks like Maputo Special Reserve or Gorongosa National Park, and the exclusivity of the Bazaruto or Quirimbas Archipelagos. These are just some of the really good reasons to visit the Country and organize some Tours in Mozambique.


The most interesting factor about Mozambique is that, yes, there are amazing places to visit, but there is also amazing people to meet.

Mozambicans are probably the most friendly and welcoming people in Southern Africa. You will find that among all the unfavorable and destructive events (like cyclone Idai in Mozambique – March 2019), the Mozambicans are always smiling, resilient and happy to receive you in their home.


In order for you to “absorb and filter” all the information of the Web and the guides, we have decided to create an easy and simple, but yet effective and helpful guide about Mozambique.

This will make it easier for you to understand and learn about the Country’s History, Culture and also the best places to visit in all Provinces, when you are organizing your Tours in Mozambique.


This guide was created by the Mabeco Tours experienced guides. They have a vast experience in Tours in Mozambique and the neighboring Countries.

They can only hope that this compilation serves your curiosity and assists you to find the best places, experiences and memories.


From all our Team: Welcome to Mozambique.