Lion sighting by Mabeco tours a travel agency from Maputo

Safari Adventures

Be in one with Africa’s Wilderness


Safari Adventures in Mozambique are guaranteed to be exclusive and without crowds. Visit the unique Maputo Special Reserve, right at the doorstep of Maputo, and delight yourself with the outstanding landscapes and renovated wildlife. You can also visit SabiƩ Game Park and discover that Mozambique has a Park with the big 5, that borders Kruger National Park.


Safaris to Kruger Park from Maputo are a possibility, either in a day trip or in an overnight program. Known as one of the most famous parks in the World, Kruger national Park is conveniently located just a2,5 hours away from the Mozambican capital city. The great variety of animals can be seen in this park and very often it is possible to get the Big 5 in just 1 day: this is a true Safari Adventure.


Eswatini (Swaziland) is also very close to Maputo. If you are searching for a calm and relaxed environment, where you can observe wildlife up close and personal, or get an immersive experience of Swazi culture, this is the place to visit. Mabeco Tours provide you quite a few options of tours to Swaziland from Maputo, to choose from.


The small landlocked monarchy of Eswatini (Swaziland) is very easy to travel and everything is relatively close to each other. That is why Mabeco Tours offers the option of visiting this Country for 3 days, experimenting the best it has to offer: a unique and interesting cultural experience, the amazing wildlife, starry skies ideal for stargazing and an outstanding bird life around.


Ever thought about being in 3 different Countries in just 4 days, experiencing a Safari Adventure? It is possible and you will be amazed by this tour. Driving along the Lubombo mountains in Mozambique, observing either a cultural or wildlife experience in Swaziland and finishing up with 3 amazing days of safari in the Kruger National Park.