Elephant herd in Maputo special reserve with Mabeco tours a travel agency based in Maputo

Safaris in Mozambique

Explore the unknown


Safaris in Mozambique are probably one of the best experiences you can have. The adventurous sandy roads are not an obstacle for our well-equipped vehicles and our knowledgeable guides. Come and take a real safari experience in a day trip program that has many surprises, including a pleasant lunch with the Hippos.

Day trip to maputo special reserve with mabeco tours

Camping is a big part of the Safaris in Mozambique experiences we put available. It will be a great experience since you have excellent and comfortable equipment waiting for you, in a place where the Savannah meets the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the tasty meals or the cold and refreshing Gin & Tonic prepared by our camp Chef. Relax and talk by the bright camp fire and feel the cooler breeze of the ocean while observing the starry sky of this beautiful place.

Maputo Special Reserve

With a longer overnight experience in Maputo Special Reserve, you will be able to pay more attention to the smaller and more curious details around you, no matter if you decide to stay in the beach and relax or if you prefer to do some exploration game drives in this beautiful and unique bush, dominated by enormous water berries forests.

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From all the places available to safaris in Mozambique, this is the only one that can offer the Big 5 experience. Some call it the “Kruger Park of Mozambique” and they are not wrong. This private concession is strictly protected and shares a border with the South African iconic park.


As the days pass along at Sabié Game Park, you will start to feel the magic of this place: beautiful sunsets overlooking elephant herds drinking, a refreshing dip on the social area pool, a nice morning walk or a relaxing nap in the afternoon.

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Located just 3 hours away of Maputo. It shares a 48 km border with the Kruger National Park. It is the only Park in Mozambique where you will be able to find the Big 5 (including White and Black Rhinos). The landscape comprises relatively flat to undulating, low-lying grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs: a piece of paradise, perfect for Safari.