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Many tours from Maputo for your dream vacations


The best selection of tours from Maputo. A wide range of Parks and National Reserves in three different Countries is easily available departing from Maputo. Choose different duration of your experience, either a day trip or an overnight program, combining different places.


Mozambique is dubbed the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. At the doorstep of the capital city, there are several beach destinations that offer cristal clear and warm waters. A wide range of Tours from Maputo are available, such as Inhaca Island, Macaneta beach, Xefina Island or Ponta do Ouro.


If you desire to experience a traditional Swati dance or wonder around and discover the amazing architecture and gastronomy of the Maputo city, these are the right tours to select. The perfect experience to partake if you are visiting for a few hours or if you are thirsty for knowledge.


Mozambique is a “hidden treasure” for surfers. Many locations along the 2500 kms coastline offers the perfect swell. In some paradise and unlikely areas you will find a diverse range of waves depending on the level of your experience. Now imagine warm water, great locations and excellent food: surf’s up.


If you haven’t found what you are looking for, we can built it for you |here|.

Mabeco Tours is the right choice when it comes to tailor made itineraries in Mozambique and Southern African Countries. We are extremely dedicated and we have the right knowledge and contacts to make your trip work perfectly: imagine it and we will deliver it.


Mozambique is large Country, and  it offers a lot of diversity. We designed a few options for the ones that are looking to get the best of both world’s (land and ocean) in a different set of duration. Mabeco Tours Expeditions are organized tours from Maputo and are ideal for families & friends.


Big game fishing is a preferred activity for many and Mozambique has quite a lot to offer. From the Maputo Bay area to the Bazaruto Archipelago you will find great amounts of species roaming on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. If the time is right, you might even get a few visitors around, like the Humpback whales (seasonal). Mabeco Tours practices fish and release of some species of fish that are key to the area.

Mabeco tours campsite in Maputo special reserve

Unknown by many, camping is a great form of connecting with nature and create bonds. Staying in tents is not unpleasant when you have top of the line equipment available with you. Our experienced guide will help you finding the best ways of building your camp and experience something that is way better than a 5 star hotel: the 1 billion star above our heads.